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  1. If you can get the word outabout ourgroup that would be great.

    Thanks Chris
    April 3, 2007

    New Life Pet Adoption Center, Inc., a non-profit 503(c), was formed in 2000 to address what was felt as the inadequate treatment and handling of companion animals in the Marathon County and Central Wisconsin area. The lack of concern for the quality of care of companion animals, along with the lackadaisical, seemingly non-concerning excessive euthanasia of healthy animals, spurred a group of concerned citizens. These concerned citizens then formed the New Life Pet Adoption Center as a No-Kill center, specializing in the adoption of companion animals instead of euthanizing them.

    Donations are being accepted to fund our new 5,000 square-foot facility located in Marathon City off of Highway 29. A capitol fundraising goal of $1,000,000 has been set to get the organization off to a positive start. We are asking for these donations to potentially save “Thousands” of healthy adoptable animals from being euthanized. A list of corporate donation options has been included, along with a copy of our 500 Club brochure that I would like to give to your employees.

    Your donation will benefit cats, dogs, and other small companion animals in Central Wisconsin. By donating to the New Life Pet Adoption Center, you can have the peace-of-mind knowing that you have given another child the opportunity to raise a puppy, a cat another chance to be welcomed into the family, a companion for grandparents to care for, and strengthened our community. Your donation will also be recognized at our facility.

    Thank you for donating to the New Life Pet Adoption Center. I look forward to your support, and I will be contacting you soon. You may also contact me at 715-297-LIFE (5433),, or


    Chris Coleman
    Fund-Raising Chairman

    The Board of the New Life Pet Adoption Center would also like to express their thanks!

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