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Herman Miller At the Woodson

Exceptional exhibit at the Woodson Art Museum relating to the Herman Miller company.  Now, whenever I hear the name, “Herman Miller,” which I do all the time on NPR, I can’t help but think there is a guy by the name of “Herman Miller” who does nothing but design furniture all day, especially since this company is well known for their wonderful designs.

But turns out that Herman Miller (the man) never really designed anything, he was a fellow with deep pockets whose money kept a struggling furniture  company from going under in the Great Depression.  The company was renamed in his honor, and what an honor it has turned out to be.  You can read all about this on the Hazel Home blog.

In the mean time, save me a spot on the Marshmallow Sofa and I’ll see you at the Woodson!


Deepening the Local Economy

Eds Note: Kevin Korpela, of the Downtown Grocery fame had a few comments on the post “Deep Economy and Happiness,” but I felt its length and importance made it worthy of its own post. Here’s Kevin.

By Kevin Korpela

The individuals/events noted in the post, “Deep Economy and Happiness,” such as Kat and Tony in Athens mentioned by Brendan, the River Drive Farmer’s Market mentioned by Jim, and the return of a re-tooled River District Marketplace on the 400 Block, are examples that can help break the routine in our search for the happiness that is thought to be missing. Fortunately, Central Wisconsin is home to a number of active participants working to nurture community-minded, local-food, and “deep economy” concepts to help find again a new/old state of well-being. The primary vehicle to source a new-old way of thinking as outlined by Bill McKibben might be the return to local economy models. Three active participants — Moonshadow Farm,, and Downtown Grocery — share with those individuals/events stated above the ability to nurture local-food economy concepts through earth-friendly practices, community organizing, and old-fashioned ideas:

Blaine Tornow and his Moonshadow Farm CSA, , located just west of Wausau is a farm that has been certified organic since 1990. The farm and its connection to people is important to Blaine as he reaches into the community by working with school teachers, such as Mrs Wisse at South Mountain School, to organize farm tours for elementary kids while lending new goslings to the kids to give them a hint of the responsibility and efforts required by farmers to tend the earth and its creatures.

Farmshed is a start-up association working to strengthen farm-to-market connections through community events, farmer presentations, public discussions and targeted projects. This grass-roots organization formed in January 2007 soon after the announcement by Sen. Julie Lassa, Stevens Point, on her plan to lead a “Buy Local, By Wisconsin” Campaign, SB 89. Farmshed is a diverse group of individuals (including farmers, professors, students, and a chef) have met regularly since January to organize a structure, a vision and a mission to grow farm-to-market awareness. Farmshed has successful organized three community events in the past two months and this past week the Steering Committee met as-a-whole for the first time to share ideas and organize its future and its relation to the community.

DowntownGrocery is nine-month old neighborhood grocery store that is trying to combine the best notions of a farmer market experience with the seven-day-a-week advantages of a grocery store and a commercial kitchen. More important perhaps, the store has its own farm and it offers a farm (Moonshadow Farm and its many farmer friends) its own grocery store. The conversational phenomenon of a lively farm market has been witnessed in this store not only by me but by a good number of the store’s customers and staff. It’s sort of an old-fashioned “corner” grocery plus an everyday farmer’s market building community through sharing real food with good conversation while nurturing a local-food economy. The store, of course, is just a small start-up retail store, so there’s plenty ideas to implement but it strives for those Deep Economy concepts explained for “…truly working together not only to make a living, but also to build community in a real sense.”

Many in our society follow routines or seek isolation in the hopes of finding happiness. The examples cited in Bill’s post suggest that there are a number of citizens offering opportunities and options, each in their unique way, to help break routines and encourage conversations to find again that new/old state of well-being. Those opportunities and options include notions of earth-friendliness, community organizing, old-fashioned ideas, and the hopeful return of the viability and vitality of the family farm and its direct farm-to-market connection.

Since Bill is Talking About the Weather…

By Christine Martens:

The warm weather has brought gloal warming to the top of everyone’s mind once again. Where as we may not be able to reverse what has been done, maybe we can slow things down a bit. Check Groovy Green out for ideas and the latest topics of conversation.

Even tourism is getting into the swing of things. Have you noticed the many news stories about how to travel green? “Eco-tourism” is very trendy. Wisconsin has gotten into the swing of things and has created Travel Green Wisconsin. This site will help identify those in the tourism industry who have participated in a special certification program. To become certified you must meet the basic requirements within nine catagories:
A. Communication and Education (Customers, Employees, Public)
B. Waste Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling
C. Energy Efficiency, Conservation, and Management
D. Water Conservation and Wastewater Management
E. Air Quality
F. Wildlife and Landscape Conservation and Management
G. Transportation
H. Purchasing
I. Local Community Benefits
This is a brand new certification, so keep an eye on the site as more people become certifiied “green.”

Of course right here in our own backyard are the folks who were green before it was hip and trendy- The Midwest Renewable Energy Association. Get ready for the fair June 15 – 17, 2007.

New Pages

For those of you who may have not noticed, WordPress has a very neat feature that I often forget about.  It allows you to create static pages, those would be the links across the top of the main page here.  And I am adding two more pages for your amazement and amusement.

The first is one I should have done a long time ago, a local business showcase.  Basically it is links to local business that have some kind of internet presence.  Putting them on the page rather than the blogroll allows a banner or graphic link or a little more description, so I think that is a good thing.  If you have any suggestions for businesses that should go in the showcase, feel free to drop a comment in the box, either here or on the showcase page.

The second page is really for you, the reader, to fill in.  It would be great if you would take a moment and tell everyone what you like about living in Wausau or Central Wisconsin.  As we move into winter, generating some positive warm feelings is a very good thing, I do believe.

So, do your part Wauvillians and tell everyone what is great about our hometown, both in the way of local businesses and in general.

Local Haunts

Are you in the Halloween mood yet? If you would like to lift your spirits perhaps a ghost walk downtown is just the ticket.  The Wausau Paranormal Reseach Society is doing Historic Downtown Wausau Ghost Tours on Saturday October 21 and 28 at 6:00 and 7:00 PM. They are also doing one tour on October 31 at 7:00 PM. Tickets are $5.00 per person, under 6 are free. Go to for more info.

For those who prefer to be a-maized, try the Willow Springs Garden haunted Corn Maze running October 26 – 28 at 6:30 and 9:30 PM. Adults are $5.00, 6- 12 are $2.00, under 5 are free.

Of course it wouldn’t be Halloween without a Haunted House- The Jaycees are sponsoring one at the IROW Building on the corner of Bellis and LeMessurier Streets. The fun starts this weekend, October 20 & 21, and continues October 27 – 28 and 31. Hours are 7:00 – 10:00 and tickets are $6.00 a head (Second Scare is only $2.00!).

Even the performing arts are scarey this time of year. If you have never seen Thriller- now is the time. One day only- October 28 at 1:30 and 7:00 PM. Tickets are at the PAF, $10.50 for kids, $12.50 for adults. Family activities at Thrillville run that same day from 11:00 – 1:30.

Friday Dudley 9/8/06

I guess I was feeling even more distant today.

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Frisbee Dogs!

Kudos to Wausau Area Events on a great series of family activities this summer.  The events I went to all had good sized crowds and the kids (and adults!) seemed to have fun.  You can’t ask for more than that for free entertainment on the 400 Block.

Bill Camp and Jumping Jack ManiacToday we had Bill Camp and his Famous Flying Frisbee Dogs entertaining the crowd.  The dogs were great and it struck me that everyone’s dogs could be so well behaved if people would bother to train them.  Although he didn’t make too big a deal of it, Camp mentioned that several of his dogs were “rescued” from various bad situations, and now they are chasing frisbees (and nothing else!) in front of a big crowd.  Your dog could do that too. 🙂

Here is a teaser pic, the rest are on the Flickr site.