Things Are Moving Around

Apparently a few of you have noticed the new project in town.  Although a little more limited in scope than what the Wausaublog was, it has a much bigger purpose.

One of my goals in writing the Wausaublog was always to promote our town in hopes of making us tourists in our own town.  I don’t know about you, but when I travel somewhere I make a point of going to the little main street shops, the out of the way scenic spot and the mom and pop diner.  You don’t drive halfway across the state to shop at Wally-World after all.

But we forget to do that in our own home towns, and it is just as interesting here, if not more so, given that we have the time to really explore such places, returning again and again.

Not only is exploring locally more fun, it is better for our economy.  Shop at a big box and a big chunk of change goes out of town to executive salaries and such.  Shop locally and it all stays here — and keeps moving around here.  So, it is totally win-win.

So buy local and check out our new site: Buy Local Central Wisconsin.


2 responses to “Things Are Moving Around

  1. Yor’re correct there, I think most people do similar.

  2. I’m a huge tourist and fan. I grew up in Wausau and still have property there. I only get back every year or so but I’m always impressed by its’ continued progress. I just made a video on youtube featuring Life in Wausau. Check it out!

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