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Yes, I know that I said a week ago that I would be starting up again, and then nothing happened. It was a long week and there will be other long weeks as I continue my efforts not to find out firsthand what homelessness feels like.

I had the tremendous privledge of meeting Wendell Minor when he was here this weekend, and attended two of the events that he spoke at. Wendell Minor, for those who may not have been paying attention, is one of the two artists who create children’s books whose work is being exhibited at the Woodson art Museum.

You can read a little more about the exhibit and the background of Mr. Minor in tomorrow’s Buyers’ Guide.

While interviewing Mr. Minor, I was thinking to myself that he was saying some really wonderful things, things that went way beyond anything I could use in the paper. So, with his kind permission, I am posting the entire interview here on the Wausaublog.

Well, actually this is the first half of the interview, we talked for about a half hour, so I split it into two parts and added a bit of introductory material. I hope that you enjoy this and will tune in for the second installment, coming in the next day or two.

Although I do so in the audio, I will also apologize for the audio quality of the interview itself. It was recorded in the library on a simple voice recorder on the longest play (lowest quality) setting. Speakers might be a better choice than headphones on this one.

I hope that this approach will prove useful and doable and that there will be many more voices to be heard on the Wausaublog.

And speaking of new voices, just a quick comment about the music on the audio. I found it on archive.org under the netlabels. It was listed as having a Common Commons license, with attribution, so here it is.

It is by a group called emorej and you can find much more of their work, and even buy some if you feel so inclined, here.

Without further ado, here is the podcast itself. Let me know what you think.



One response to “Wausaublog Podcast

  1. That was awesome Bill. Way to go.

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