Watch this Space

Well try to anyway.  It would seem that circumstances that necessitated my moving away from blogging our fair city may once again be changing.  I think that very soon, I will be in a position to begin, once again to make daily posts here.

I think for the sake of my own sanity this will be a solo effort this time.  That is to say there will be no regular contributors, other than myself.  If you wish to comment that would be great.  If you feel you have a one time story to tell — please feel free to email me — and I will check it out and perhaps tell the story here.

Wausau is a great city in a wonderful place.  Yes, it certainly has its drawbacks, like any other city, large or small (I sometimes say would be a perfect planet — if there were no people on it.)  But for the most part, as I have in the past, I am going to choose to focus on the postive, the beautiful and things that work.  There is lots of that here.

I especially look forward to just walking around with my camera again, I think I miss that most.

If you get a chance, tune back in, I hope that you will enjoy your stay here.

Oh, and if you are just finding the blog, feel free to nose around the archives, once in a while something interesting bubbled up and some very good people contributed many good ideas.  They are still good and might just be something you can use today to make this place just a tad better.

Thanks for reading!


4 responses to “Watch this Space

  1. Welcome back.

    Andy said you have a great camera, and I hope that it gets turned loose on the city in cool ways.

    Though with the cold, I would not blame you for a series of fruit in bowl still lifes.

  2. I kept wausaublog in my favorites, I knew you’d come back!! It is tough to keep a city blog, it’s hard to feel like you’re even making a dent, it’s as if you’re not even scratching the surface of what’s going on in your cit (I know, I’ve been tempted to just quit my Packerland Annals blog many times)…..But, don’t worry about keeping a comprehensive look on Wausau, just give us your perspective, a small slice of whatever, that’s all we need, really, it’s more interesting that way. Welcome back to blogging!

  3. Thanks for the kind words. With so many transitions in the past year sometimes I feel lucky to be upright, but I think things will continue to move in the right direction with new opportunities on the horizon.

    I should be running on all cylinders very soon.

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