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Sledding, sledding, sledding

Even though it has been ages since I have posted here regularly, people seem to find the blog on Google. And the number one search term for the last week or so has been “sledding.” Wonderful! But where the heck are all you people?

I have been sledding a few times with the kids over the past 10 days or so, and while we are out on the hill, basically there is no one else out there. Is there some kind of virtual sledding experience I have missed somewhere? Go on out and hit the slopes.

Since it is not immediately obvious where this information is on the County Parks and Rec website, here are the “official” sledding hills at the Wausau area parks:


Sledding areas are open as soon as snow cover permits. Two hills have lights for night use. All hill close at 11pm (when parks close). There is no charge to use these hills.

  • Pleasant View Park; 1221 Sumner Street (lights on hill)
  • Riverside Park; 100 Sherman Street
  • Schofield Park; 606 E. Randolph Street
  • 3M Park; 405 Park Blvd (lights on hill)

You may have noticed that I did not include the Sylvan Hill Tubing facility.  First of all, it has its own page on the Parks site, so you can find it more easily, but secondly I am not a big fan of fun that you have to pay for and then stand (or sit) in line.  Nothing wrong with that kind of thing, just not my cup of tea.

My personal favorite sledding hill is Pleasant View Park, where we spent some time night sledding a while ago (one of the lights is misaligned so there is a huge dark patch as you go down — add to the fun!) and had a blast. I have been told by a long time resident that this hill used to a ski hill with a tow rope and everything. It is nice to dream about that tow rope as you trudge up the hill.

But here is the deal people. I need every single one of you to go sledding between now and Saturday. I need all of you, your kids and your neighbor kids to head up to Pleasant View Park and sled for hours and hours and hours. Especially you grown ups. Especially you Wisconsin sized grown ups.

Oh, you say you don’t have a sled?  Worry not!  Just truck on up to Fleet Farm.  The have a huge pile of the plastic “bathtub” sleds.  Nine bucks, holds two kids, goes pretty well on almost any kind of snow.  Can’t beat it.  If you have a big family and a few extra bucks, they have a plastic “luge” that looks like it will hold four people and a dog.  Eighteen bucks.  Cheap at twice the price.  Where else can you have that much fun for a sawbuck?

Now you say, “But Bill, what do you need me for?”  Because it is true, I need you and I need you badly.   You see, this last snowfall, the beautiful light powder that it was, is not the greatest for sledding. Piles up in front of the sled and slows it down. So, I need all of you to pack the snow down between now and Sunday. So that on Sunday afternoon, the kids and I can whiz down the hill with the greatest of ease.

I am counting on you Wausau, I know you can do it!


Watch this Space

Well try to anyway.  It would seem that circumstances that necessitated my moving away from blogging our fair city may once again be changing.  I think that very soon, I will be in a position to begin, once again to make daily posts here.

I think for the sake of my own sanity this will be a solo effort this time.  That is to say there will be no regular contributors, other than myself.  If you wish to comment that would be great.  If you feel you have a one time story to tell — please feel free to email me — and I will check it out and perhaps tell the story here.

Wausau is a great city in a wonderful place.  Yes, it certainly has its drawbacks, like any other city, large or small (I sometimes say would be a perfect planet — if there were no people on it.)  But for the most part, as I have in the past, I am going to choose to focus on the postive, the beautiful and things that work.  There is lots of that here.

I especially look forward to just walking around with my camera again, I think I miss that most.

If you get a chance, tune back in, I hope that you will enjoy your stay here.

Oh, and if you are just finding the blog, feel free to nose around the archives, once in a while something interesting bubbled up and some very good people contributed many good ideas.  They are still good and might just be something you can use today to make this place just a tad better.

Thanks for reading!