Hunted Like Animals at UWMC

It is not often that a re-run is an important event, but this is one of those occaisions.

UWMC is showing again the film, “Hunted Like Animals” which is a documentary by Rebecca Sommers about the genocide of the Hmong people in Laos.  The film will be shown on October 10 at 7 pm in the college theater, and as usual, you can’t beat the price, it free.

Click for Larger ImageCheng Lee, Director at the Multicultural Resource Center at the college has arranged for Rebecca Sommers to be available by phone after the screening to discuss the film and answer any questions.  Lee said that last year when the film was show there was a panel discussion with a number of local Hmong Elders discussing the film.  That must have been fascinating, and I am very sorry to have missed that.

Most of us in Wausau are aware of the sad recent history of the Hmong people.  To make a long story short, the Hmong people sided with the US during the Vietnam War, and after US troops left Southeast Asia, the Hmong were persecuted by the governments of Laos and Vietnam.  Many Hmong people became refugees settling in Thailand, the US and other places.  But Hmong people still remain in Southeast Asia.  Their plight is still horrific according to Sommers.  Here is a quote from the press release for the film:

Over thirty years and a generation later the Hmong-in-hiding are attacked, chased, raped and killed by Laotian soldiers.  Those who surrender face an uncertain fate. “Hunted like Animals”demonstrates that the Hmong-in-hiding in the Laotian military training areas are going through.   They endure genocide, the reason why many escape to Thailand, and become refugees.  This story of human rights violations on the Hmong-in-hiding must be told. 

And for a story to be fully told, it must be listened to.  I hope that folks will make an effort to come out and see this film so that we can better understand the situation in Laos, and by extension our Hmong neighbors here.  The shared experience and the discussion period are an important part of building our community.

If you would like some previews of the film, Sommer’s site has a number of clips, which you can find here.

See you at UWMC at 7 pm in the theater.

3 responses to “Hunted Like Animals at UWMC

  1. What happened? I thought the blog went black! Does this have anything to do with CitizenWausau?

  2. Dino here. From CitizenWausau, formerly a regular contributor here.

    Before we create any internet drama, there is no rivalry or animosity about the two blogs. I have believed in Wausaublog from the beginning, and even though it appears Bill and I have had some personal issues, I have always wanted to see Wausaublog to succeed.

    When Bill posted that he was closing up shop, and the months prior to that having less and less posts…we took his and Lisa’s suggestion to heart to start our own.

    While Bills blog was one of great perspective, as his personal journey into this city as an admitted outsider allowed him a clear view…Citizen Wausau is something totally differant.

    But we did take our inspiration, and encrouagement from the Wausaublog.

    I hope Bill is back at it. If for no other reason to see his photography, but with his position at the buyers guide, I can see how it would be tough.

    So, thank you Bill. For all that you did for the community, for inspiring us.

  3. Dino, I really feel like you’re too quick to dismiss what could be some very entertaining internet drama! A feud between WausauBlog vs. Citizen Wausau could be like the 50 Cent vs. Kanye West of central Wisconsin, driving up readership for both sites! Never pass up a chance for a good feud, that’s my motto…

    But yes, it is nice to see new content and photos here after the “Fade to Black” post.

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