Whither Thou Goest Wausaublog, Part 2

Some of you have noticed that not much is happening around here on the blog.  Thank you for your concern.

I guess what it basically comes down to is, “what is the Wausaublog?”

If the Wausaublog is my personal take on things happening around Wausau, then yes, it is pretty much a dead issue.  If you are interested in what I see going on around town, you can follow my work in the Wausau Buyers’ Guide.  The kind folks there seemed to like my work well enough that they were actually willing to pay me to do it.  For which I am eternally grateful.  But that does not leave a lot of time for me to find yet other events or happenings to report on here.  In fact, it doesn’t leave me with enough time to always answer my personal email with everything else that is happening in my life right now.

Even if I had time, obviously my first obligation when finding Wausau news is to put it in my own paper.  I can’t be using my blog to scoop myself in my spare time.  So, as long as I remain in my current position, the Wausaublog, as I was doing it, is pretty much a dead issue.

On the other hand, the blog was originally conceived of as a collaborative effort, but with only a couple of exceptions (Dino, Dr. Rent) not much ever happened in the way of collaboration.  If people want to contribute to the blog I am more than willing to post contributions (you can email them to me), but based on past experience, I would not expect daily postings.

I do own the domain name “wausaublog” and no, it is not for sale or rent or even to be given away.  To be honest, since my name has been pretty closely associated with the blog for a while now, I don’t want to just throw it out on the wind.  Who knows what might result, and the if the results were not “good” I don’t want people to think I was responsible.  So, control over that particular name and this particular spot on WordPress will remain with me, even if just to lie fallow.

But, as Lisa has pointed out, anyone can start a blog here on WordPress.  That is all I did.  Takes 5 minutes to set up — and hours and hours and hours to keep it going.  Surely there are all kinds of clever names that a new blog could use to indicate the focus of the thing: “BlogofWausau,” “Wausau101,” “BestofWausau” and the ever popular:


If you do start a blog focussed on our fair city, please send me the link, I will be glad to put it here.

Maybe as the last post.

See you in the Buyers’ Guide.


14 responses to “Whither Thou Goest Wausaublog, Part 2

  1. “So, as long as I remain in my current position, the Wausaublog, as I was doing it, is pretty much a dead issue.”

    “If people want to contribute to the blog I am more than willing to post contributions (you can email them to me), but based on past experience, I would not expect daily postings.”

    I do not understand, do you want content or is this blog dead?

  2. Its about time. Let someone who has some actual talent do this from now on.

  3. Bo, that is completely unfair. The fact is Bill is right, he has a new job, and all the transition that comes from it. People are or have been anxious to see posts on the blog, as it was a useful tool and a beloved sort of opportunity for some of us to write fun things.

    I hope Bill changes his mind, and begins the blogging again.

  4. We all know it is easy to start a blog and time consuming to keep it up. I always liked looking at it each day to see what is really going on in our fair city. Bill has every right to move on to new projects. Good luck.

  5. Perhaps the issue could be solved by posting articles in the Buyers Guide, then reposting them a week later to the Wausau Blog as an archive. Obviously this would not work for time sensitive upcoming events, but would serve as a living history of the content. Of course, Bill could foot note all articles with a plug and link for the Buyers’ Guide. Thoughts?

  6. Hey, what about that new company Superstarch.com? I hear that this is right in there wheelhouse. That guy Marcus is like some web guru dude, and maybe they could do something? But if Bill, like he says, is going to sit on the name, then I guess all of this is just for nothing. I hope that someone can start a new blog, and keep it going. It seems like a minimal effort type of deal.

  7. Hmmmm. Todd and Dino should get together to learn the difference between their and there.

    Sorry, anyone who blogs knows that a meaningful blog are not a “minimal effort sort of deal” – take a look at the list of contributors – what ever happened to Craig Stahl, Jim Rosenberg and Leah Alters among others? I bet they said they’d submit regular pieces then lost steam after a couple weeks. The only consistant posters were Bill, Dino and Dr. Rent. Life goes on.

    Better yet the City of Wausau should hire (pay) Bill to blog. This blog has done more to raise the profile more than the city site, that’s for sure.

    Todd, I looked at the superstarch page. Marcus hasn’t updated the blog since August 1st. Hardly a regular poster. Seems like he starts a lot of projects and they don’t go get too far off the ground.

  8. Hi Jim and thanks for stopping by. The Buyers’ Guide does keep several week’s worht of issues on their site, so waiting until they “clear” would make things very old news indeed. Plus with things on the net just a click away, I am not a big fan of reposting things. Good thought though, I appreciate it.

  9. Hi Todd, Dino, Marcus and others who seem to think the Wausaublog is more than it is…

    It is just a free WordPress account that I (and a handful of others) posted things on. It has no connection to anything official like the city, the convention and visitors bureau or even the City Pages. I did absolutely no advertising and did no independent web design. It is just a bare bones WordPress account.

    Surely a “web guru” such as Marcus could come up with a clever name and fabulous design, and Todd could fill it with content “with minimal effort.” Surely such a combination would generate many more hits than this blog ever has. And maybe even some revenue. Good luck with that, guys!

    I feel compelled to say that Marcus was invited to be an original contributor. He made one post (to the best of my recollection) and a couple of comments and was never heard from again. Maybe he would do better if he actually controlled a blog, I don’t know.

    Being as how I made something like 90% of the posts on the Wausaublog, it has come to be identified with me — although I never really wanted it to be, and therefore, as I have said, I will not give up the name. I don’t want my Mom emailing me and asking, “Why did you put THAT on the blog?”

    But then again, when I started the Wausaublog, other than the mention in the City Pages, there was nothing but word of mouth (and the fact that WordPress.com is super optimized to Google) to get people here reading and commenting. There is no barrier to entry to anyone who would like have a blog about Wausau, and like I said before, I will be more than happy to link to anyone and everyone who wishes to do so.

    It only takes 5 minutes to get a WordPress account here and apparently going to all these events, taking pictures and writing stories only takes a minimal effort (boy I wish I had know that earlier!!). So, have at it Todd — and anyone else who loves Our Town.

  10. I think that Bill has done a great job. I cant write like Bill, as I do not see the world like Bill. I think he has a cool even keeled fatherly sort of eyes on the world. Its pretty cool actually.

    When Wausaublog started I sent out a ton of emails, thousands technically. I think it had a great start, a real organic sort of thing. I was really proud of the fun it was for me, and the work I did to support it.

    I love the Wausaublog.

  11. Dino, No I am not collecting for or from some other site. I would be interested in what you have in mind. Bob from- ask Obey to impeach Bush thread on Wausau Daily Herald blog

  12. IMPEACH BUSH!!!!

  13. Bob…

    Shoot me an email






  14. Republicans in 2008!

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