Monthly Archives: August 2007

Fade to Black

After considering all of the advice that I have been given lately and much soul searching,  I have decided to discontinue the Wausaublog.  I will not be posting myself and will not be seeking or accepting any outside contributions.

It is true that I don’t have the time and energy for the blog that I once did, but ultimately it is the lack and conflict of interest issues that loom larger.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who has ever written for the blog, commented  here or contributed financially, I very much appreciate your efforts.  Also a big thank you to everyone who read the blog.

I achieved most of what I set out to do with the blog, and achieved one goal that was beyond my wildest dreams, so I will be forever grateful to the Wausaublog for that.

Personally, I feel that it is once again time to forsake the virtual world for the real world for a while, unpluggng electronically and trying to reconnect personally.

The only further posting that will be done here is if someone starts another blog that covers some of the same terrain as the Wausaublog.  If someone starts such a blog, I will post the link here.

Otherwise, that’s the news and I am out of here.


Whither Thou Goest Wausaublog, Part 2

Some of you have noticed that not much is happening around here on the blog.  Thank you for your concern.

I guess what it basically comes down to is, “what is the Wausaublog?”

If the Wausaublog is my personal take on things happening around Wausau, then yes, it is pretty much a dead issue.  If you are interested in what I see going on around town, you can follow my work in the Wausau Buyers’ Guide.  The kind folks there seemed to like my work well enough that they were actually willing to pay me to do it.  For which I am eternally grateful.  But that does not leave a lot of time for me to find yet other events or happenings to report on here.  In fact, it doesn’t leave me with enough time to always answer my personal email with everything else that is happening in my life right now.

Even if I had time, obviously my first obligation when finding Wausau news is to put it in my own paper.  I can’t be using my blog to scoop myself in my spare time.  So, as long as I remain in my current position, the Wausaublog, as I was doing it, is pretty much a dead issue.

On the other hand, the blog was originally conceived of as a collaborative effort, but with only a couple of exceptions (Dino, Dr. Rent) not much ever happened in the way of collaboration.  If people want to contribute to the blog I am more than willing to post contributions (you can email them to me), but based on past experience, I would not expect daily postings.

I do own the domain name “wausaublog” and no, it is not for sale or rent or even to be given away.  To be honest, since my name has been pretty closely associated with the blog for a while now, I don’t want to just throw it out on the wind.  Who knows what might result, and the if the results were not “good” I don’t want people to think I was responsible.  So, control over that particular name and this particular spot on WordPress will remain with me, even if just to lie fallow.

But, as Lisa has pointed out, anyone can start a blog here on WordPress.  That is all I did.  Takes 5 minutes to set up — and hours and hours and hours to keep it going.  Surely there are all kinds of clever names that a new blog could use to indicate the focus of the thing: “BlogofWausau,” “Wausau101,” “BestofWausau” and the ever popular:


If you do start a blog focussed on our fair city, please send me the link, I will be glad to put it here.

Maybe as the last post.

See you in the Buyers’ Guide.