Nice Events Coming Up

After all of the excitement this past week, you might think there is nothing left to do in Wausau, but that would not be true at all, of course. There is a Concert in the Garden at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum tonight at 6 pm. Johnny and the Mo-Tones play the square tomorrow night. And the Frisbee Dogs strut their stuff at the Riverfront Marketplace on the 400 Block on Thursday at 11 am and 1 pm. But wait! That’s not all!

It is not a big fun event like a concert, but the Good News Project is recycling computers once again this Friday. In case you don’t know, you don’t want to just pitch out your old electronic stuff for two good reasons. First, when that kind of stuff gets in the landfill, all kinds of metals and other toxins leech out and we don’t need that in our water and ground. Second we don’t want have to mine more of those metals — that is toxic to the environment too.

So you know it is a good thing to do for the good of good people, or something like that.  Here is some more detailed information, courtesy of Tom Fladland over at Good News.

Area residents and businesses can have their computers and other electronic gear recycled at the Good News Project warehouse at 1106 Fifth St., Wausau, for 25 cents a pound. Cost for a typical computer outfit of 40 to 60 pounds will be $10 to $15. Hours are Fridays, July 13, and August 17 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Community support for the computer recycling program has been so extensive that Good News is able to share some of the proceeds with other nonprofit groups in the community, according to Tom Fladland, the humanitarian organization’s operations director. Nearly two semi trailers were filled at the April recycling event. All of the proceeds from the Good News computer recycling events go to assist nonprofit organizations in the community.

All material goes to professional computer recycling specialists and is processed with the environment in mind. Information on Good News is at Information on the recycling event is available at 843-5985.
Anyone bringing more than 20 pieces of equipment is asked to call in advance.

If you don’t have any computer equipment that you don’t need, perhaps you have some time and money on your hands.  If so, perhaps you would like to have some fun for charity.  That’s right, fun for charity.

The North Central Wisconsin Donate Life group is having a “scavenger hunt” on Saturday, July 14.  This group’s purpose is to increase awareness of organ donation, which sounds like a worthy cause to me.

Apparently this is scavenger hunt with a twist.  You don’t actually have to drag back the things that you find, but rather document your find with a digital camera.  So not only will the hunting teams be looking for objects, but perhaps also places and evidence of having completed some task.  Umm, “Truth or Dare” anyone?

Sounds like it could be a riotously good time to me.  You can check out their website for more information and to register for the event.

Have fun!



13 responses to “Nice Events Coming Up

  1. Don’t forget Schofield Fun Days and The Master Gardener’s Garden Walk (!

  2. and the weekend after Schofield Fun Days is the Weston fest, is it not?

  3. Almost, good Doctor. It starts Thursday the 19th and goes through Monday the 23rd, which I suppose is a “weekend.” Apparently bigger and better than last year’s, too.

  4. I saw on a sign down in Mosinee that this weekend is also Polish Fest at Our Savior’s in Mosinee.

  5. Is the Wausaublog not being updated anymore? With you new job, I am sure it is tough.

  6. I did try to send a post to your email.. and it got returned……..

  7. Who would have thought that old computers posed such a hazard, but I guess when they are mass produced. And it does make sence to recycle the metals in them too. Thanks for the read.

  8. We could really use some new posts here.

  9. Dead Blog Alert! Dead Blog!!!

  10. Are other people allowed to post or is Bill the only one in charge? Lots of things are still happening in the area and local news that should be discussed.

    Bill, either shut it down or allow someone else to take it over. Thanks

  11. From what I understand, and this is how it worked in the past…posts were sent to Bill, and he put them up.

    I am unsure if wordpress allows for mulitple admin types.

  12. Someone else can start a Wausau-related blog on wordpress. It is free and easy to do. I would be happy to show you how to set one up.

  13. Lisa, I think people just want to keep this awesome start that Bill created going. It is such a great resource, and it would be a loss to let it go the way of many other dead blogs. People really loved what Bill created, and want it to continue. I know I do. I like sending him ramblings, and making him laugh…that is about 80% of why I did it, to make Bill laugh.

    I know he is swamped and all that, but maybe wordpress has multiple users or something…just a thought.

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