Pub Mania

The Scott Street Pub may be gone, but apparently it is not forgotten.

Click for Larger ImageJudging from the comments here and over on the Herald forums, if nothing else the Pub does get a response, both good and bad, which is appropriate for a live music venue that got a little long in the tooth. With such a place sometimes it is hard to separate the building from the ownership from what actually happens inside. All three acquire their own mythology which intertwine.

One part of that mythology is that the Pub was not a genteel place. It may have been a peaceful place, as Tom Bergs said as the Pub was being shut down, but it was by no means some kind of upscale jazz club. Although musical groups from all across the musical spectrum played there, it definitely had a gritty rock ‘n roll atmosphere. And I am talking the axis that went from honky-tonk to punk here. At least in part, it was this mythology that lead to the police presence on Saturday night. Apparently rock remains dangerous music, even if the Pub itself was not a dangerous place.

But all that now passes into history. A history, like all histories, that deserves to be remembered and preserved. For many years the Pub was part of people lives and part of our city, and their are stories to tell and remember. I would like to do my part to see that that happens.

Pub MuralThe first way is to preserve and hopefully display the mural on the second floor. I had an opportunity to speak briefly with Tom Bergs on Saturday night and he said that he would very much like to see the mural preserved, so we will continue working on that plan and see what we can do. Preserving a mural that covers the entire wall of a 100 year old building that is slated for demolition will be no easy task, but I think that Wauvillians are up to the task. Stay tuned for that.

The second way came to mind as I made the video on Saturday night. How about a little oral history project? If you have been involved with the Pub, as a musician, employee or patron, and would like to share your memories (and mythologies) of the place with the world, shoot me an email. If you are willing, you can talk a few minutes into the camcorder, and then we can put your memories here on the Wausaublog. I know some folks with long memories are reading this, so let’s get together and save a few of those stories and share them with everyone.

Or at least hopefully share them. The camcorder I borrowed to shoot video on Saturday night used dual layer DVDs. But it turns out I don’t have a dual layer DVD drive on any of my computers, so I can’t get the video off the disc and onto the web. If anyone has a dual layer drive that can help out, fire me an email.



12 responses to “Pub Mania

  1. Just wanted to let you know… I should be able to get the video for this story on the WSAW website sometime today! Thanks again for use of your video!

  2. No problem at all, Mikel. It was a very good story and I look forward to being able to link to the video from here. Thanks!

  3. (Mohawk) Matt

    I’d be down for sharing some things in the time I’ve been there.

  4. Bill, I was thinking the same thing. We can get folks over to the new studio, and they can sit and tell stories if they want.

  5. Studio would be great, the Pub itself would be even better. I’ll give you a holler, Matt. Anyone else?

  6. The video of the TV news story from Channel 7 is now up on their site:

    Hopefully soon I will have all of the video I shot that night online. Keep checking back!

  7. So okay it goes blog —> TV News —> front page of the Herald? Makes you wonder what other news we are not getting around here.

  8. Hey, its not big of a wonder really.

  9. Thanks for the coverage. I have posted a bunch of links on my blog that cover the events of the closing of the pub.

  10. Thanks Jim. You must have quite a fan base, I have gotten lots of hits from your blog over the past 3 days. Great shows at the Pub by the way.

  11. Thanks Bill! I’m not a video expert, but I know some people who might be able to help with decoding your DVD. Let me know, I would love a copy!

  12. OK, Jim, I may also have a solution in hand soon.

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