The Future of the Wausaublog

I didn’t really intend to talk about this so early, but since it has come out in the comments of another post, I feel I need to say something about the future of the Wausaublog.

I have no idea what the future holds.

I have been offered a position with the Wausau Buyers’ Guide as a writer/photographer/chief cook/bottlewasher.  The paperwork is not all aligned yet for my hiring, but it looks as though I will be starting in the position soon.  Basically one of the things they want me to do is write stories about the kinds of things I have been covering here on the blog for the past year or so.  Which is good for me, I get a few dollars for what I have loved (and still love) to do.

It might be bad for the blog though. 😦  I can’t afford to be scooping my own paper on a regular basis, and I am not sure how my new employer might feel about my writing about the same events from a more personal point of view in another “publication.”  We shall see.  My new boss is well aware of the Wausaublog, and didn’t say anything about not continuing it, but who knows if I will still have time for this kind of side project in the future.

I have talked to my new boss about the benefits of daily content online to supplement the weekly and monthly nature of their print publications.  So, I still may be making daily observations of our fair city, but in a different venue — time will tell.

Either way, I will let you know whither thou goest with the Wausaublog, and will once again take this opportunity to thank everyone who has enriched this city with their contributions to the blog and to those who have enriched my life through your friendship, help and support.


12 responses to “The Future of the Wausaublog

  1. Barry D. Liss

    Dino seems like a good person to take over the blog. He is authentic and transparent as a writer. When I read many of the posts on the wausaublog I get the whiff of ulterior motives at play (vendettas, commercial interests, etc.). This is not the case with Dino’s posts because he doesn’t pretend to be what he is not…


  2. Man…I am not transparent. In fact I am murky like a deep country pond, full of snakes, and something else that a pond is full of.

    I think this is going to be fine actually. Bill will just need a little bit more support from those of us who failingly call themselves contributors.

    I think if we all start posting more often, and Bill finds the new job structure to be good, it will roll and roll.

    But I want to remind everyone I am dark and mysterious.

  3. I assume that I am one of the writers with “ulterior motives” as I lean heavy toward the commerical aspect of wausau, specifically its real estate. Actually, that is part of the reason I have cut back on my posts… it just seems that many who read the post are just not interested in looking at things from the perspective that I have to look at them every day.

    Actually, that should mean that I don’t have an ulterior motive… real estate is what I do, and a large chunk of that in the commericial aspect. And, as far as development goes, in most cases what is good for the developer is also good for the City. The city doesn’t want to sit with a large piece of property that isn’t being used, and the developer doesn’t want to loose money either.

    I would like to thank bill for letting me contribute to the blog.. I have about 5-6 posts written up.. but have not submitted them. I think that other items going on.. the summer festivals, the balloons, the Scott St Pub… those are much more worthy of posts than my thoughts on “commericial interests”

  4. I will only disgaree with you on one thing here, John. I think your posts are of equal interest to the activities you mention. Activities are wonderful, but come and go, but how we use our space and develop our commerce are, in fact, one of the main backbones of the city — any city. I very appreciate your thoughts and the transparency of your “motives.” Motives are only “ulterior” if they are hidden and you have never made any bones about your interests and the point of view of your posts.

    Send them along anytime you are ready. 🙂

  5. I think that John is needed. VERY needed. Some of the cool cultural stuff seems a lot more glamourous…but no less important.

  6. When I made that statement about ulterior motives I wasn’t thinking of anyone in particular – just certain posts by a variety of people. Bill is right – it’s not an ulterior motive if it’s acknowledged.


  7. And let us all acknowledge my deep murky mysteriousness

  8. Poser, wearing black all the time does not make you mysterious.

  9. A black t shirt helps the color blind in us

  10. When I sugges Dino take over the blog I imagine what he could be, not what he is.


  11. If called, I would gladly serve.

  12. and if serving.. I bet he would gladly call

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