Downtown Strate Thru — O! the Joy!

The last of the downtown pedestrian mall was laid to rest today as Washington Street was officially opened to vehicular traffic from 2nd to 3rd streets. As my daughter put it so nicely “now you can run over on every street downtown.” Here are a few sights from the ribbon cutting.

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Mayor Tipple, who continues to wonder who the guy with camera is, holds his certificate while the ribbon on Washington street is cut. 

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5 responses to “Downtown Strate Thru — O! the Joy!

  1. Leah, The Mayor, Amy Altenburg, Kirk Fleishauer, is that Joannie Bauer in the red?

    What is the deal with the old cars?

  2. The antique cars were the first up the new section of street — as far as I know, no pedestrians were hit. 😉

  3. Okay…so lets take a look at this…

    Where are the folks from Becher Hoppe? I thought they designed the thing.

    Not that I do not love Kirk and Amy, but what are they doing there?

    Who are those kids?

    Where do you get a scissors like that?

    Are red blazers coming back in style?

    Hitting pedestrians, man that is a tough thing. It really is sort of hit and miss, and no one can really predict success, and I am sure the older cars are not as responsive.

  4. I didn’t check on who the kids were, but Kirk Fleischauer and Amy Altenburgh were early and ardent supporters of re-opening Washington and the 300 block of Third Street back in 2005, when Mark Craig began putting together a coalition to support the concept. Change comes hard sometimes and it was an uphill struggle for awhile. The 7-5 vote for two-thirds of a loaf at that time took a lot of selling. (Interestingly, the remaining portion that was opened Friday only passed on a 6-6 vote in January with Mayor Tipple breaking the tie, allowing it to proceed. That was after two years of the concept being successfully demonstrated from the east and a state Main Street award for the first phase of the project.)

    B&H had representatives at Friday’s ribbon cutting — they just aren’t in the photo. The scissors is from Fiskars and the Chamber of Commerce has been using it at ribbon cuttings for years. The red blazers are something that Chamber ambassadors have been wearing to events for many years, too.

  5. Just got back from Mexico City, they drive a lot of cars there – I would describe the situation as a global environmental catastrophe – poison, decay and death. Without an imaginative response what will be our fate?

    Barry D. Liss

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