Coming Back to Life

By Christine Martens

Eds Note:   I have been a little behind in my postings here on the Wausaublog, but things should now be coming back to life a bit.  And Wausau itself, though it does not hibernate during the winter, is also coming into the busy season of the year.  Christine is going to get the ball rolling for us.

It is Bill’s favorite time of year- the time when Camp Wausau (is that trademarked, Bill?) is set to begin! There is a great line up of events for the warm summer months in Central Wisconsin. You can keep track of all the fun at

I noticed while entering some events in an on line calendar ( that the weekend after 4th Of July is really big this year. Beginning Wednesday, July 4th and running through the weekend, is the Jaycees’ 4th Of July Festival. The same weekend (July 6 – 8) is Chalkfest, The Hot Air Balloon Rally and couple of other smaller events!

The 2nd Annual Blueberry Blitz at Utech’s Rainbow Dairy Goat Farm is set for Saturday, July 21. There are blueberry treats, hay rides, a Blueberry picking contest, llama cart rides, llama walks and labyrinth walks (I am not sure if you can take the llama into the labyrinth…) You can even catch a tour of this working 400 goat farm.

And this me, Bill again.  Things are in fact happening all over the place.  This weekend featured a whitewater event downtown, the Farmers’ Market is open every Wednesday and Saturday until fall and signups for summer activities are well under way.  So get out and enjoy Camp Wausau — and then read about it here.


5 responses to “Coming Back to Life

  1. There is only one problem with the line up of events, and that is the fireworks at for the Jaycees celebration.

    Because of the location of the fireworks and complaints from neighboring properties (most un-founded), there is a severe limit on the size of shells that can be used. (One of my part time jobs is as a Pyrotechnician and I have helped shoot the Wausau show many times.)

    It is a shame when some of the smaller communites have better fireworks displays because they are not limited to 3″ shells. Many of the cool effects start at 5″. The show that I have been shooting at Pell Lake in southern Wisconsin goes up to 6″ . We used to do the Rhinelander show which included 10’s and I seem to remember 12’s as well.

    I know the Jaycees have a long standing relationship with Marathon park, but it may be worth while for them to explore other locations for their celebration which would allow for “real” fireworks.

  2. Well Dr. Rent I have the solution to your problem. During the Wausau Balloon Rally and Glow on Saturday night Wausau Area Events will have “Real” FIREWORKS!! The fireworks will start at about 9:45pm at the Downtown Wausau Airport. For a full schedule of balloon rally events check out our website at, we also have the 2007 event brochure in the office!

  3. By the way the Balloon Rally is July 6, 7 & 8th!

  4. And do NOT forget your camera when going to the Balloon Rally. For my money there is no more photogenic event than a hot air balloon rally, it has it all.

  5. LLAMAS!!! Man I love LLAMA!!!

    When I was a child my parents took me to Busch Gardens, and I guess I spent most of the day hanging out with one of the llamas.

    I dig me some llamas!!!

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