Yet Another Picture Update

Bill CoadyBy Bill Coady

I know I was “supposed” to do it everyday, but it just seems to come in bunches lately.  I posted about a dozen pictures to the CW360.  The original idea was to post a picture a day from around the area, but that kind of schedule just has not worked out for me.

For those who seem to feel that the photos here on the Wausaublog are, ummmm, focused too much on a certain downtown development, or even in development in general, I encourage you to take a look.  It is my goal to try and present our area in a little bit different, ummmm, light.  Hopefully a flattering one at that.

I will also take the opportunity to announce here first (first at least in those areas where the City Pages has not hit the streets yet) that if you want to see prints of my work, nosh on some wonderful food and hear the best jazz in town, you can do that.

I was graciously invited to participate in the Exhibitour, Friday May 18th, at the First American Center.  Josh Ernst will be throwing pots that evening and John Greiner and his trio will be providing the musical accompaniment.  Frankly, I am humbled to be included with such talents.  Throw in some wonderful food and a bit of wine, and you have a really nice stop on the Exhibitour.

I hope that all of you will get a chance to stop by.  When you do, please mention that you read it on the blog.  I would like to meet all of you and thank you for keeping this afloat for the past year.  I have lots of “thank yous” that need to be said for the opportunity to participate in Exhibitour, but I will save those to say in person as well.

Make sure you hit all the other Exhibitour stops as well and show your support for our local artists and business.


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