Happy Birthday Wausaublog!

By Bill Coady

There have been more than a few times when I thought that I would not be writing this post for the Wausaublog.  There have been a few times when I thought the Wausaublog was not going to live another day, but here it is a year later, and it is still standing.  Or perhaps lying down or maybe even on life support, it is kind of hard to tell right now.  I have been very busy with other projects and the same seems to be true of the other contributors.

The blog was started a year ago in response to a perceived need for a blog about Wausau, not just from here.  Pat Peckham was doing a story for the City Pages and contacted Dino to see if anyone had a non-corporate blog about Wausau and between the two of them, they could not find one.  So, for no other reasons than impatience and a love for my adopted hometown, I stepped into the breech and started the Wausaublog and registered the domain name.

My original intention was to simply provide a “clothesline” that people could hang things on, but that vision never really jelled, and somehow it became a fairly personal effort.  It was never my intention that the blog would be about me in any way, shape or form, but surely you know what road is paved with good intentions.

Doing the Wausaublog over the past year has been an amazing experience for me.  I have met many people I would have probably otherwise never met.  People who have enriched my life in ways I cannot even begin to fathom.  For this I am deeply grateful.  I have learned more about and been more aware of the wonders of Wausau over the past year than in the 8 previous years of residence here.  I am grateful for that as well.  I guess I am most grateful for the opportunity to try different things have a chance to find what my passion is, and perhaps where my talent lies.  I have been taking pictures for a long time, but this is the first time my work has been recognized professionally.  I have a long way to go in that department, but my confidence in that area is growing, and I have the comments and support of readers of the blog to thank for that.  You know who you are.

It has not been all roses, either.  Along the way, apparently I have manage to tick off and disappoint people, but I guess that is also part of life’s rich pagaent.  The blog has suffered through ups and downs in activity as contributors have come and gone for their own reasons and my ability to keep up with daily postings has waxed and waned.  I guess we will have to see what a second year will bring.

I have said from the beginning that I am not the right person to be writing a blog about Wausau.  I am not a native and being a full time dad, live a somewhat sheltered life.  I still continue to feel that way.  But I do get out more now and continue to keep my eyes and ears open, and I will continue to write about our fair city and especially take pictures of it.  And when I do, I will post them here.  And I hope you will keep reading and commenting.  And I especially hope you will consider writing something yourself or even starting your own blog about Wausau.  The more the merrier.

Thanks Wausau and I hope to be able to celebrate a second birthday on a bigger and better Wausaublog.


6 responses to “Happy Birthday Wausaublog!

  1. Way to go Bill. It is an institution now.

  2. Although I don’t live in Wausau and don’t know much about it, I find myself coming back to this blog a lot just to see what you guys are up to. . I think it’s one of the best ‘city blogs’ that I’ve seen. Nice work. Happy blogday.

  3. Congratulations and thanks for making this interesting contribution to Wausau, Bill. (Thanks also to everyone else who is keeping it alive and vibrant with their thoughts.)

  4. Thank you all very much for you kind comments, and I echo Jim’s thanks to all of those have contributed in one way or another. We shall see what the coming year brings.

  5. Congratulations on your 1st Anniversary, Bill. Here’s to another year and 50,000 hits. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next photo series.

  6. happy belated birthday to santa claus and well a congrats bill on caring and making this blog work. and to all the others who care and make it work. with the many posts, it is a very nice blog indeed and i am sure it takes much time and effort to maintain. and one last belated birthday shout out to papa noel.

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