Friday Dudley: April 20, 2007

A little later than I like to post these, but hopefully worth waiting for.

And speaking of waiting, I also added a few more pix to the CW 360, you can check those out as well.

Click for Larger Image


8 responses to “Friday Dudley: April 20, 2007

  1. These photos just keep impressing me more & more all the time.

    By the way,
    I was going to post a comment in the last article–
    I’m curious about “Hereford & Hops”. I’ve seen the advertisement but I’ve never been there. Is this downtown? I drive thru Wausau quite regularly, I’m wondering if I should stop there for dinner sometime. Can I bring small kids there? Do they have kid meals?

  2. One more thing-
    Wausau ranks up there pretty high in my book of the “best Wisconsin Cities”.
    My favorites, not necessarily in order, are Madison, LaCrosse, Wausau, Milwaukee. For different reasons I also like Sheboygan, Portage, Stevens Point, Sturgeon Bay and of course Green Bay.

  3. Thanks for the kind words Jeff.

    I’ll have to leave it to someone else to talk about Hereford and Hops, except to say it is not downtown, because I have never been there.

  4. Jeff, Hereford & Hops is near the interstate on Sherman Street and near Home Depot. I have taken my kids there , although it has been a few years (they were toddlers at the time). Their website is

  5. This picture is spectacular! This would be a great postcard! Better yet, the City of Wausau should use it for their website.

  6. It’s fabulous. Dino, I will leave it to you to negotiate with the artist for the city’s use of the picture.

  7. Hereford & Hop’s is a “grill your own” steakhouse/brewpub. Of course you can opt to have the cooks do it for you. Their beer is pretty good in terms of variety and they offer a tasty Pilsner. I believe they have another location somewhere in the U.P.

  8. Just have your people call my agent, I am sure we can work it out. 🙂

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