Friday Dudley: April 13, 2007

A bit hard to get a good view from the East side, but I did find this one.

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9 responses to “Friday Dudley: April 13, 2007

  1. Roger Janikowski

    This is a great telephoto of downtown. One of the best I have seen. Look like they are making good progress on the new building. How is the Compass Properties Palladiun project going, where the Woolworth Store use to be?

  2. I cannot say enough about the coolness of the Dudley photos. All the downtown development crap aside, the idea that someone is shooting the genesis of SOMETHING, ANYTHING from start to finish, that is pretty cool.

    Has anyone talked about making a book for the hisstorical society or the city or the Dudley Family Foundation with Bill’s photos?

    Does the City of Wausau have historical archives? Just cool anecdotal stuff?

    I think each year the city should publish a volume with a narrative of the year. How cool would that be?

    We could sell them to babies. I was born in 1970, at the old hospital on Grand Ave, what was going on that year

    Okay, not babies.

    But you get it.

    My grandpa was a city assessor here, and had some amazing stuff.

    Gotta go tear down a garage.

  3. I agree with Dino…this has been a valuable historical chronicle.

  4. Thank you for the kind words, I always appreciate that.

    And I agree wtih you, Dino, that the series stands quite apart from the discussions of downtown develop and what should or should not be. The Dudley building exists and is therefore fair game to be documented, good bad or indifferent (both to people’s opinions of the building itself or the photos of it).

    I would like to do sort of a similar series of a “year in the life” of some agency or institution in town. A long term view of the Hmong Association, Neighbors’ Place or Good News Project, etc. Certainly a lot more variation and such in that kind of project.

    When it comes together, you will hear about it here first.

  5. I think it would be fascinating to read three paragraphs that go with each image. Sort of a year in the life of the man, and the image. I just love this sort of stuff.

    You could spend a year documenting how the WDH adjusts to a differant focus for newspapers within Gannet, calling paper the LEGACY.

    A year in the life of Evolutions in Design would be awesome. Not only are they attractive people, they have a pretty shop. Thats what you should do. EID. A year in EID.

    Or the MINT. Every morning for 8 to nine shoot the power players eating breakfast, and people coming up like at hte Godfathers table.

    Or a document of a local musician like Jim carlson while he puts his new record together?

    The possibilities are endless.

    For fun you could shoot 52 weeks of the 400 block to illustrate that NOTHING will happen.

  6. Another great one would be the Volunteer Center, as they fight for survival while still serving the community.

    What a better way to document all that they do?

  7. Thanks Dino! Your right, the 400 Block it is, starting June 1st — 52 shots. Well, maybe a few more. But, not only on Friday like the Dudley building, whenever the spirit moves me during the week.

    And I have exactly the big black hammer I need to do this job with, too.

  8. I wonder if these blogs might still be out here online in 50 or 100 years? I mean, this site will eventually go away, you guys will all be dead & gone, but wouldn’t you think Google or someone is archiving pretty much everything that goes on line these days so that they could still be served up as historical archives in the future, regardless if the URL address is even valid anymore?

    Great job on this blog. Mine crapped out on me, don’t know why, but I have no archive. Dang, I wish Google or someone really were archiving this stuff.

  9. Actually Google does archive pages, google your old blog name and see if it is in there. Also try and use the “Wayback Machine” you will probably have some luck there.

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