April Snow Showers

I know it is not the latest in spring that it has ever snowed here and fortunately it seems we missed an even bigger snowfall, but any time you have to shovel the driveway after Easter is a bit much.

Here’s a few images of downtown this morning.

Click for Larger Image
Evolutions in Spring Snow

Click for Larger Image

A little shaved ice anyone?

Click for Larger Image

Leaving a mark on the 400 Block.


2 responses to “April Snow Showers

  1. Funny you should choose Evolutions in Design, since that is the very same place I went when I needed was knocking around last Saturday trying to fill a 20 column-inch hole. Great minds (or whatever?):


  2. My kingdom for an edit function. “…the very same place I went when I was knocking around last Saturday…” 🙂 (So much for a great mind!)

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