Scott Street to Be Saved!

Eds Note:  It is not often we get to scoop the mainstream media, but the story, in addition to being too good to be true, was too good to sit on.

Bill CoadyBy Bill Coady

In a surprise move the Great Northern Blues Society has outbid McDevCo for the Scott Street Pub and the surrounding properties.  At news conference at the Jefferson Street Inn, GNBS President Dennis Fick announced the pending acquisition.

“We should have the deal closed by Tuesday afternoon,” said Fick in making the announcement.  Development plans for the block now include allowing Dwellers to remain in it’s current location, a major expansion of the Scott Street Pub, and the conversion of the of Emporium building into a music and culture museum.  Fick stated that the planned museum would include exhibits about local bands in the Altenburgh Annex and national acts which have performed in Wausau, especially at the pub, and local festivals.

“We are just thrilled to be able to prevent the city from putting up another parking garage,” said Fick, “Have you noticed that the damn garages are the only lights on downtown at night?  It is about time we have some real night life in Wausau!” The announcement was met with riotous applause from member of the GNBS and the assembled media representatives.

Not only does the GNBS society plan to use their sudden bequest to expand and remodel the pub, but Fick also announced that live music will be featured seven days a week.  “We are setting aside two nights a week for teens, and the rest of the week will feature live bands in all genres, from blues and rock to jazz and even classical,” said Fick.  All of the music events will be free and open to the public.  “WE have plenty of money now to support and extensive lineup of local and national acts,” Fick stated.

With these extremely ambitious plans, Fick was naturally asked where the money was coming from.  Fick explained that several months back he had received an email from a Barrister William Smith seeking assistance repatriating a large sum of money.

“Apparently one of his clients, a gentleman in a war torn African country had died without a will,” Fick explained, “and he needed help to move the money to a western bank.”  Fick decided to take a chance and after several months of negotiation and intrigue, was able to move the $385 million dollars to a US investment account.  In a move of stunning generosity, Fick turned over the windfall to the GNBS, which now allows them to move ahead with these grandious plans.

“When I first got the email,” Fick said, “I thought it was too good to be true, but I guess I was wrong.”

Fick says that the redevelopment of the block into a cultural mecca will begin as soon as possible and hopefully will be completed by next April Fool’s day.  “We are booking bands now for the coming season,” Fick said, “We just have to hope now that this check that I got from Barrister Smith does not bounce.”

Stay tuned to the Wausaublog for further updates to this unbelievable story!


3 responses to “Scott Street to Be Saved!

  1. See that is a good use of the internet to raise funds to save cultural icons.

    All that money from African countries will do this city good.

  2. Wow! I’m so glad I didn’t delete my last 10 Nigerian e-mails! It was more fun when they came in the regular mail with those fun stamps though… 🙂

  3. I don’t know… kind of a cruel april fools. It’s such a shame things are going to be percipitating the way they are on scott street. But if Wausau is going to be embracing it’s new high rise lifestyle I guess the rest of us will have to be cynical.

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