Friday Dudley: March 30, 2007

People had requested a shot from the west side. I tried to take one from Sparta, where I spent the last couple of days, but the low clouds seemed to have blocked the view. This shot from 1st Street will have to do instead.

Click for Larger Image


6 responses to “Friday Dudley: March 30, 2007

  1. Nice location, this shot will look great when the trees green out.

  2. More so than any other picture I’ve seen this one displays how grossly out of proportion the Dudley Building is with everything in its nearby context.

  3. Who cares about proportions. If wausau is going to get any density in it’s downtown why not start things off with something that puts wausau on the map so to speak.

  4. I am sure when the landmark building was constructed, it was just that… a landmark and way out of proportion compared to everything else.

    It may take 20-30 years…. but just like with the landmark.. the scale will adjust to fit the building

  5. It is too bad that this “landmark” isn’t good looking or interesting in any way. Generic is the word that comes to mind.

  6. Wausau has always been on the map for its natural beauty. Balance with respect to proportion of geographic features is what really matters. Nobody moves to Wausau for density—-Brooklyn can do that so much better…

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