A good day…

By Lisa Stahl 

…is a day when I go to La Prima and am greeted by Ben, Rollie and Cassie with soup, salad and coffee (!). I eat, laugh and am challenged by Samantha regarding a host of current events unfolding in my life. Cyrus from church, comes over to talk about Bob Dylan’s Modern Times, The Raptor Center and the importance of exposing children to nature. And as Paul Westerberg said, “A good day is any day that you’re alive”. What’s a good day for you?


11 responses to “A good day…

  1. Well, La Prima is a great stop, for sure. The only thing that makes it better for me is stopping there on the scooter because that means it’s a nice day outside, too.

  2. You know I am tired tonight. That sort of tired when you should not be commenting on a blog tired. But I will give it a try.

    For me, a good day is a sunny day. Wearing a hat that fits nice, brushing my teeth in a good way, maybe a slow shave in the morning. Tea. Green tea and honey.

    45 minutes to read.

    Then downtown. See people I like, laugh a little bit at the day. Look into the big hole by Barts building.

    No Ninja contact.

    Sushi at Chang.

    Fruit from downtown

    Then just sitting and hanging out with Al at the bookstore. I like the bookstore.

  3. A good day is when nothing unexpected happens…

    Bad things can happen and I still have a good day… but I am not a big fan of having stuff sneak up on me (good or bad).

    Yesterday, my friends.. not a good day. (I’m off to find someone who can tow my company van out of walmarts parking lot)

  4. A good day for me would be a little sunshine. Oh and watching MC Rove on YouTube. For those of you living under a rock, Karl Rove did a improvised skit with comedian Colin Mochrie at the annual broadcast journalists’ awards dinner on Wednesday night.

  5. And for those who haven’t seen what FNM is talking about with Karl Rove:

    (This is offered strictly for the good of the order, of course.) 🙂

  6. A good day…is when I can walk from my job, to my house, to my store, then back again and find along the way that I end up waving to a baker’s dozen worth friends-colleagues-co-workers whether they are:
    – on the sidewalk
    – in a moped
    – in a car
    – in a truck
    – on a bicycle
    – inside a shop window
    – or on the other side of the street…
    …waiting to cross Scott at 5 minutes to One!

  7. Learning about something new & inspirational…Having a great, relaxed discussion with another person…connecting with them.

  8. A good day is hitting all the green lights when driving down Scott St on my way to work.

    A GREAT DAY is doing the same on Bridge St with my bike. A great day is crossing the Bridge St bridge with the wind your back and not the other way around.

    Off the subject, but this bears repeating: Eastbound on Bridge and 5th St it is now NO RIGHT TURN ON RED. Either people can’t read the sign or are totally oblivious to the fact. Old habits are hard to break, but don’t honk at me if I wait for the light to change.

  9. If I remembered reading the city committee meeting minutes right.. it is only no right turn on red during school hours

  10. You’re correct. The sign says 7:00am – 5:00pm during school days.

  11. A good day is sun with a cool breeze while working in the garden. An even better day is enjoying the veggies from the garden (before the kids and neighbor kids eat all the peas and carrots!)

    A good evening is on the front porch, listening to tunes and having a drink.

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