Remains of the Day

I have mixed feelings when any old building comes down. Are we removing an eyesore or just giving up on our history? The house that was formerly at the corner of 7th Street and Franklin was a classic piece of Victorian architecture, but had certainly seen better days. And now it is gone. Here are a couple of pictures of it coming down.

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7 responses to “Remains of the Day

  1. First off is that crane driving up the wreckage? Wow. I guess that is a skill.

    I had heard a guy named Chris Seehafer was working with the city to save this building, and he had a lot nearby, but had run into problems with the utility company moving wires.

    Might have just been out the butt talk though.

  2. Crazy. I don’t think I would have the guts to drive several tons of steel up the pile of wreckage. It looks like the thing is on the second floor.

  3. Dino you never cease to amaze me! I have never heard of an actual ‘talking’ butt!ha!ha!

  4. I saw some emails from this guy Chris. He was trying to save the house. I thought he could do it too. He has a real ability to surprise the world.

    Talking Butts are everywhere.

  5. I was surprised they where planning to tear it down. The intersection looks naked now that it is gone. But I remember reading in the newspaper that the interior had been extensively altered when it was converted into a multi unit apartment and that it was not feasible to renovate it back to its original glory. Zion Lutheran Church owned the property and they managed to salvage much of the woodwork inside which was donated to Habitat for Humanity. At least something good came from its demolition.

  6. Seeing that excavator on top of the guts, reaching out to mangle that turret–how gory is that? Well at least she was an organ donor as Michael said.

  7. These photos tug at my heart. I can’t help but think of all the kids over the years who must have played, read and daydreamed in that turret.

    A new walk past the former Emporium building on Scott Street last week revealed glimpses of the basement foundation. Watching the demolition happen in slow motion – almost brick by brick, board by board is surreal. But I am thankful that they haven’t obscured the view by covering the windows. It’s progress, I guess. But it is still painful.

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