Art Cluster at the Library

Phyllis ChristensenBy Phyllis Christensen

When someone says “library” most people think “checkout books”. Yes, Marathon County Public has books, over 340,000 of them. Art Cluster PosterAnd people do check them out – more than 800,000 last year. Sometimes, though, instead of taking things, people bring things to the library. The Wausau school district Art Cluster brought their art work to the library to share with the community. Their display opened last Saturday. A giant bird made from a decorated gourd flies over the entrance to the children’s area. More gourd-birds have flocked to the tops of the book shelves. Posters of colorful, imaginary fish cover the walls. Click for Larger Image

The Children’s area has been transformed into a colorful, whimsical gallery. The creativity and talent of these fourth and fifth graders is amazing. Come and see for yourself, but don’t delay too long. Everything swims or flies away at the end of the month.
Click for Larger Image


One response to “Art Cluster at the Library

  1. Those are cool! The Wausau School District does a great job keeping arts in the lives of kids- and of using the resources (LYWAM, ArtsBlock, etc.) around them to make the youths’ experience even better. Actually the school district is very good with inovative programing in general- look at Camp Invention for example.

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