Rothschild Pavilion to Reopen!

By Christine Martens

A treasure of the area has been saved thanks to thousands of volunteer hours and many donations! The Rothschild Pavilion is a wonderful piece of architecture and its history is a lot of fun. Did you know that the dance floor sits on railroad springs (dancing there is great because of the “spring” in the floor) or that it once had a roller coaster and many other entertainment items? Buddy Holly played there.

An open house is being planned in April and The Rock And Roll Revival for June 1 and 2.

There was an article in the Wausau Daily Herald… you can read it here.

Thank You to all who helped to save this jewel!


3 responses to “Rothschild Pavilion to Reopen!

  1. Sleepy Stan who Sleeps A lot

    Thats great. What did that take, 100 years? I think Neal Torney was a young man when this started.

  2. the important thing to note is that this was not done with tax money. This was all volunteer time and funding.

    It shows that people in our area are willing to give to worthy causes.

  3. Be sure to ask Christine why the Rothschild Pavilion is near and dear to her heart.

    PS: Happy Birthday Christine!

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