Ethnic City

Eds Note: Pistachios? Soy Milk? I guess I need to upgrade my shopping list and this sounds like a great way to do it.

By Lisa Stahl

How many times have you run into the same grocery store and made a beeline for the items on your list? Pistachios – check. Soy Milk – check.

Ethinic City ExteriorFoodies in Central Wisconsin will want to forget their usual routine and make a trip to Ethnic City Global Groceries and Goods on Grand Ave. Since opening last week, they’ve been providing a new and exciting culinary experience to visitors and locals alike.

Native Honduran and food enthusiast Gouilermo Quesada and his wife Tansy own Enthic City and share their knowledge and passion for world foods.

Colorful globes sit on the shelves and paper lanterns adorn the ceiling of the store, over sections marked “Jewish,” “Greece” and “Middle Eastern.” Adjacent to the groceries is an extensive gift section with purses, soaps and incense and jewelry.

It’s literally a trip around the world. Starting with “Latin American and circling the globe until you reach “England”.

Currently, Ethnic City has small quantities of any given item so they can determine the category demand. From sauces and gravies to condiments (check out the He Man mustard) and dried beans, you’ll find something that will add some spice to your meat and potatoes. Looking over their selection, I was
reminded of the big city street-fair smells of eggrolls, shish kebabs and gyros. In all, about two-dozen regions are represented.

The majority of the store’s clients are, as my tour guide (and Gouilermo’s younger brother) Yasir Kuoti mentioned, “people who cook or travel extensively.” He added that many have been driving to Chicago to get what they want or need, while others want to be introduced to ingredients different from their typical fare. Still, it’s a welcome choice for Wausonians whose shopping routine rarely takes them beyond the comforts of
the usual chain markets.

Don’t be intimidated. Ask questions. The staff is ready and prepared to answer questions and offer recipes. Suggestions for products and special orders are welcome.

Ethnic City InteriorI’ve been to the store three times in the past week. On my second visit, I asked Yasir for his recommendation on how to spend the $10.00 inside my pocketbook. I only mentioned that we like noshing – snacking on a sampling of foods instead of eating a formal meal. Although I exceeded my budget by just over a dollar, I did pick-up enough for a nice dinner for my family of four. We enjoyed Tava Masala (India) with fresh vegetables from along with hummus (Middle Eastern) and carrots. The meal was topped off with cubes of Tamarind (India) and Turkish Delight “Full of Eastern Promise” (England) for dessert and hot lemon tea.

PS At this time the store does not carry crème brulee, but they do have several nice flan options.

Ethnic City Global Groceries and Goods
2112 Grand Ave (in the TMW Strip Mall across for the Eagle’s Nest Family
Wausau, WI 54403
715/842-5439 (Phone)
715/842-5657 (Fax)


5 responses to “Ethnic City

  1. Maybe I won’t have to fly back to Istanbul to get me tea! This is excellent!

  2. COOL! Once the snow subsides I am heading that way! I’ve always had to have folks stop in Chicago or Milwaukee for anything “unusual”. I have been waiting for just such a place to open.

  3. I finally got in this place. Not so sure.

  4. I stopped in around 3:30 yesterday and they were closed. I had driven by about 30 minutes earlier and they were open. The sign said open til 6:00 PM. Do they usually close around that time to go pick up kids or something? I was just curious so that I can plan my stop a bit better.

  5. Ah, that’s my baby! LOL. Mr. Yasir…though he claims his name is Alejandro…Oh, well.

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