“He Was Just Showing Me a Whistle”

Eds Note:  Dino decided to just start a conversation this week.  Or maybe 31 of them.  Thirty-one flavors of discussion?  I think he has been hanging out on Myspace too much.

Aaron Sorkin is smarter than I am.

Dino CorvinoBy Dino Corvino

So as I ponder this new wave of constructive criticism, and some great opinions, I have decided that I am not all that interested in any of it.  For me it sort of comes down to this, I like Bill.  He is a nut case, but he is nut case who is finding his way through this whole thing.  I think rather than telling him what he is not doing, why do we not tell him what he is doing right, and gently ask him to do more.  Or we can try other options, like quitting.

In a continuation of my previous threads, here we go.

My questions for the week:

  • 1.Who brought the idea of the Weston Dog Park to the table?  How come we Wausau people do not have a good Dog Park?  Dog Parks rule.
  • 2.Do you remember the Wausau Timbers?  Is there an organ at Athletic Park?  Who is the organ player?  What kind of grass is the field?
  • 3.How many people live in Wausau?  Weston?  Rothschild? Schofield?
  • 4.How many video stores are there in this city?
  • 5.Have we ever had someone drown in the city pools?  Does the city remember when the lifeguards from R-S Pool invaded?  I had nothing to do with that.
  • 6.What is the oldest person in the big cemetery on Grand Avenue?  Who owns cemeteries?  Are they a good investment?
  • 7.How many people go to the Chess Club?
  • 8.How does Wausau Area Events pay for itself?  I think it is sort of part of the city, but have never seen it on the agenda.  I know there is something to do with room taxes, but in all honesty I have no idea what that even means.  But I thought Leah would know, and since she is here, why not get the actual correct answer.
  • 9.How big of a company is Eastbay or whatever it is called now?
  • 10.Who makes the best Egg Foo Yung(sp?) in this city?
  • 11.Why in god’s name are snowmobile trails not open to mt bikers in the summer?  Or horses?  We need more horses.
  • 12.If you had to go someplace to slow dance with the girl you love, where do you go?
  • 13.Does St Clairs have the best ties?  I bought a suit there once.  They are really nice.
  • 14.How come the guys from Downtown Grocery are not millionaires already?  What in god’s name is stopping the whole town from shopping there?
  • 15.If one wanted to buy a viola, where would one go?
  • 16.What are the things on ballerina’s feet?  Those shoes with the pointy toes?
  • 17.Does Datawave still exist?
  • 18.In the Wausau public schools what sort of sexual education do young people get?  HOW ABOUT THAT FOR A LIGHTNING ROD.
  • 19.Are you Democrats and Republicans meeting regularly and getting ready for the election season?  Who is the Republican boss?
  • 20.What happened to the guys who started Wee Bee CD’s?
  • 21.In Heiniken better than Guiness?  What is a good introductory beer for non drinkers?
  • 22.Do you think Tom Jeter and Lucy will make it?
  • 23.Who are Wausau’s version of the Kennedy’s?
  • 24.If we added another festival to the island of Big Bull, what should it be?
  • 25.Do you believe in God?
  • 26.Am I convincing you about the whole Burt thing?  He is trouble, and I think he does not have America’s best interest at heart.
  • 27.Is Ed Gale a ninja, or am I just totally off base?
  • 28.Was Don Mattingly a better hitter than Tony Gwynn?
  • 29.Is Wayne Steffenhagen a good football coach?
  • 30.What about that Burt thing?
  • 31.Do cows ever run?

19 responses to ““He Was Just Showing Me a Whistle”

  1. I was surprised that the DC Everest vote was close. It’s disturbing. The ‘already lived’ seems unable to make way for the living or the ‘yet-to-live.’ It bespeaks a systemic loss of faith in the system. I know I know – the school system won the battle…but so many no votes?!


  2. Wausau Chess Club? I’ll take that one – my husband started it. He pretty much took a two year hiatus while he went to school for IT. The club ran itself for the most part. It ranges from 1-12 people, depending on the weather or other commitments. Since my husband started a new job out of the immediate area, it has been difficult for him to go every time. It is a very interesting, talented group of people who go though. They would love to have more people to play with. They meet on Monday nights from 6:00-8:00 in the lower level of Washington Square in Downtown Wausau.

    Egg Fu Yung? Khamchanh’s in Schofield. It’s like buttah…

    WeeBee’s? I used to work there years ago. Long haired guy Mark, moved to Florida. The other guy, Oscar a true engineering genius, I am not sure about. He used to live up north with his wife and daughter. He honestly has patented parts that NASA uses. Working there was a true honor – those guys were great.

  3. systemic loss of faith in the system:
    > now that’s redundant, ha ha

  4. 1. Weston is very pro-active. In their newsletters they often have surveys and ask what their taxpayers want. And get this, they listen. So, I am guessing it was a recommendation by some taxpayer (Weston sees them as customers) and a few committee meetings later… there it is.

    2. I remember the timbers, when I ran the Stratford little league, the players would come over once a year to do clinics. Organ, unknown. Grass – the green kind.

    3. Is been a while since I drove by the signs, but I thought Wausau just under 40,000, Weston was over 12,000, Schofield was around 3,000 and Rothschild.. no idea.

    4-5. Good Question.

    6. The historical society probably knows the oldest person one. The vast majority of cemetaries are owned by either churches or government entities. As far as an investment goes, they come close to break even. However, there are not many tenant complaints.

    7. Chess Club?

    8. Jim… Leah?

    9. Very.

    10. I don’t get out much, so good question.

    11. Most snowmobile trails run over private property. What is a trail now may be a corn field in the summer. Many parts of the snowmobile system that do piggy-pack on public lands are open to mtn biking. (Mountain Bay Trail for example). What to the mountain bikers think of running through horse poop?

    12. My living room.

    13. I already have too many ties.. not the tie type.

    14. Even if the whole world did shop there.. groceries stores are one of the lowest margin industries there is. Even big box volume stores have a high failure rate. They need to find ways to get extra revenue (such as charging for product placement, selling ad space on the floors of all places, and selling the marketing info from those key cards.) Considering the odds against them… they should be commended for just being there this long.

    15. A music store.

    16. Ballet shoes?

    17. Not really. They were purchased by Wood County Telephone Co which recently changed its name to Solarus.

    18-19-20. Good question.

    21. They are very different kind of beers. Not everyone can handle a stout (Guiness). Of the imports, I would actually put Heiniken and Becks pretty low on the list as they are actually brewed specifically for export. I couldn’t find Becks when I lived in Germany. Personally.. I think a decent German Hefe Weissen would be a good start for the beer drinking novice.

    22-23. Good question.

    24. I miss the renn fair. Would also love it if it included fireworks. (As a licenesed pyrotechnician, I may be available for that)

    25. Here lightning rod.. here boy. No.

    26. Huh?

    27. Ed’s just a normal guy who I think does his best for the city. We agree on things, disagree on others… but I always know where he stands.. I always know why he stands that way… and he has never thought less of me (that I know of) if we do disagree on something. When he was running for assembly a few years ago, he was my choice.

    28-29-30. Uhhhhhhh

    31. Yes

  5. 11. Yes, more horses. Where is the best place to ride with young kids around here?
    12. Good question.
    13. VanDalfsen’s, then St. Clair’s
    14. I purchased everything for our Thanksgiving dinner there (including the Turkey).
    18. Good question.
    21. Guinness. I agree with Dr. Rent on the Hefe Weissen.
    24. A multi-ethnic culture fair with food, music, etc.
    25. No

  6. 11. Blue Haven in Merrill, Lisa.
    16. Amazingly enough, they are called “pointe shoes.” But they are not “pointy.” The toe is flat so the ballerina can walk on her (male ballet dancers almost never use pointe shoes) toes, or more technically, “en pointe.”
    20. Last time I looked there was a WeeBee’s down in Point still.
    21. There is no beer for “non-drinkers.” And if there was on we wouldn’t drink it. We don’t drink. Sort of why we are called “non-drinkers.”
    28. Mattingly had a bit more power (but not enough for a first baseman in the opnion of many) but I think Gwynn was a better pure hitter.
    31. Yes, cows can run quite fast. Steve Palmquist and I once chased some cows through a forest in Arizona, for reasons too complicated and random to encapsulate here. If you see me, ask me to tell you the story.

  7. #6- The cemetery on Grand Ave is actually three cemeteries- St. Michael’s, St. Joseph’s and Pine Grove (which may explain why there is fence only along the southern end).

    I don’t know about the oldest, but here is one lady who was born in about 1798 and died in the arly 1900’s, which means she was alive in three different centuries. It was even in “Weird Wisconsin”- a book a highly reccomend. Crazy Legs Hirsch is also buried there.

    Kronenwetter- 6,162
    Mosinee- 4,186
    Rothschild- 5,201
    Rib Mountain- 7,634
    Schofield- 2,250
    Wausau- 39,740
    Weston- 13,350
    (Got the numbers from the Visitor Magazine- in the back section)

  8. Wausau Area Events is partly funded through room tax dollars. Jim would be the man to explain all of the room tax details. We are also supported through sponsorships and the revenue we generate from Blues Fest. Blues Fest is the only event we produce that charges an admission fee. All of our other 12 events from Concerts on the Square to The Summer Solstice Kick-off Celebration are free to the public. So this Friday when our new website goes live, log on and check out the 2007 event schedule. http://www.wausauareaevents.org.

  9. Question #32: What the hell is wrong with Wausau???

    Riverdance, which is in April, is ALREADY sold out and there are still a few tickets left for the Chieftains this Sunday. Are you people sick or something??? Ugghh.

  10. I have my tickets for the Chieftains! I’ll see you there. I was so excited to see them in the schedule this year. Every year the schedule at the Grand gets better and better. The PAF brings in great shows that are not all Broadway musicals- they bring in shows that broaden your horizons a bit.

    Now if I had an Irish Pub to visit before and/or after the show for a Guiness or Harp’s I would be really happy.

  11. #32: I purchased my Chieftans ticket yesterday. Although I could have been front and center, decided to go with Row D.

    I guess Scott Street Pub doesn’t have Guinness. anymore. Loppnow’s?

  12. Lisa, City Grill has Guiness on tap and I certainly agree about the Chieftans being a very high-quality show. It’s good to see them back in Wausau.

    Leah did a great job of explaining the funding sources for Wausau Area Events and I won’t add too much.

    Over the past several years, we have worked to make the contribution from the city’s room tax into a stable, dependable source via policy improvements that put Wausau Area Events and several other room tax-funded activities on a system that is similar to what we do with the Convention & Visitors bureau by inter-governmental agreement. (Those other activities include some popular topics on this blog, including the LYW Art Museum, Grand Theater, Marathon County Historicial Society, Main Street program, CVA and the Wausau Concert Band.) A portion of the room tax is used for a competitive grants program and “Chalk it Up” would be an example of something that receives funding through that channel.

    The policy statement for the room tax policy that was put into effect last fall is as follows:

    “The City of Wausau maintains a room tax to assist with funding services necessary to support visitors that would otherwise be borne by local taxpayers as well as to promote, protect, preserve and invest in activities and facilities that make Wausau a more attractive, safe and compelling destination for visitors and residents alike.”

    (Reposting due to a technical glitch that sent my previous try to the spam folder.) 🙂

  13. Durango Tequila...hmmm

    Soon enough, Weston will have an establishmet/club that will have Guinness on tap among other draught beers unheard of in the area.
    If you ask me, Weston is growing rapidly and should be the target of future developments. Why isn’t the hwy.29/Camp Phillips RD intersection being built up? Thank God for Schofield ave. development.

  14. Can someone explain what the room tax is?

    It is being built up, a large thing with a new pizza joint and a coffee shop and gym and something else is there.

    The excavating companies garage is on the other side, and they are a viable business, so why move.



    And no one is willing to help with the Ed Gale Ninja discussion. He might be running jedi mind tricks on all of you.


    (If he IS a ninja, I am in so much trouble)

  15. The room tax is applied to hotel room rates. It is 8% in the City of Wausau, so someone staying in a $100/night room would actually pay $100, plus 8% room tax, (plus 5.5% sales tax, which is unrelated to this discussion.)

    By agreement, Convention & Visitors Bureau member communities dedicate a 2.5% room tax to fund the CVB. That leaves Wausau with a 5.5% tax to fund other activities.

    State law caps the room tax at 8% and for room taxes enacted after a certain date (which I don’t recall and which actually doesn’t apply to Wausau’s situation because the room tax existed before the change), it is required that 75% of the total room tax collected be dedicated directly to tourism promotion and development. (We tend to adhere to the spirit of the law, regardless.)

    In round terms, the room tax generates around $700,000 annually in the City of Wausau, with $218,750 of that going to the CVB.

  16. Generally speaking, room tax is when you stay at a hotel and they tack a bit of tax onto the cost of the hotel room. Each of the communities in our area has a room tax of a different amount. The room tax is then used to support tourism (and other items) in the area (therefore tourism is increased in the area and more tourists come and spend their money in our hotels, restaurants, stores, attractions, etc).

    Room tax is money raised from those traveling through a community, not living in the community (unless of course you happen to stay at a hotel in your own community).

  17. Thanks Jim and Christine.

    I understand that.

  18. So as long as the comments have sort of stopped, I was wondering if anyone is going to do anything to save the mural above Scott Street Pub?

  19. 1. Unfortunately for Westonites, Wausau residents invade their dog park all the time. Sometimes we even invade in groups. There is an opportunity to leave a donation before you leave the park, which I’ve never actually seen anyone do.

    16. Ironically enough, pointy toe shoes are usually called Pointe shoes or Toe shoes.

    18. I remember taking part in a HIV youth peer educator’s thing at Wausau East in 1991. We lectured our classmates on how to avoid contracting HIV, but I think we weren’t allowed to use the word “condom”.

    26. Burt who? Reynolds? Young? Bacharach? I like all of those Burts.

    31. One word: stampede.

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