Friday Dudley: February 23, 2007

A bit late, but not bad.

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10 responses to “Friday Dudley: February 23, 2007

  1. I really wish they would rebuild the Scott Street Pub so that it has 3 floors. I think it would be nice to have an apartment in that location. Also the front facade needs work, there should be windows instead of wood, and Dwellers should be re developed into a 4-5 story mixed use development with below grade parking.

  2. Matthew, as someone who has been upstairs in the three story, the two story and no story days…I think the bigger issue is the size of that very project. For many years Tom, the owner of the pub, has pursued open the ceiling and adding a balcony bar type of layout. I think the design was done by Stacy Ness.

    The building to the right and to the left of the Pub have been sold to McDevco. The windows your seeing in this picture are in the Psyechedelic Wonders building.

    What is not in this pciture is a combination Mural Graffitti that has been a long lasting image of downtown, the Vogue mural, and some other grafiti.

    I question the developers, and what there plan is. We know these buildings are sought, spokespeople for McDevco have told us as much…but I do not believe that they have made these plans public.

    When you tear down a piece of history like The Pub, what will you create in its place?

    Are there no other options? Could money not be spent to encourage the saving of the historic Scott Street Pub, the same way Shephard and Shallers got money to refurbish their building.

    You city fathers…the Main Street Program has a visit coming, maybe talk to the experts on how to save the Pub.

    How many bailouts for local coffee mavens?

    BB King sat on the stage and played, Kenny Wayne Shephard sat and did scales with his mom after hours to warm up for his Grand Theatre show, Joe Bonamassa got drunk there, Magic Slim got REALLY drunk there, I drank Tequilla with Gene Taylor in the street (Gene Taylor is friends with Leonard Cohen), Howard Luedtke played there, Scott Holt played one of his first post Buddy Guy shows there, Lynyrd Skynyrd played there before there comback.

    Save the Pub City Fathers.

  3. The blighted buildings on Scott Street need to go. Wausau needs to figure out what it wants to be. Live in the past or look to the future. The pub can be recreated in a new mixed use development at that site. A new two story development at that site with retail and upper level apartments/condos would suit that location very well. If Wausau wants to attract and retain its youth, it needs to focus on creating a hip, modern urban center in its downtown. I left the Wausau area 11 years ago and moved to Madison because in 1996, Madison was the best place to live in America. Now, with Wausau finally moving forward and recreating itself, it would make moving back alot easier.

  4. 2 story development??? YUCK, any development which occurs on that side of Scott Street should be a minimum of 3 stories, and should retain the historic facades, as well as other aspects of the current sites. If any redevelopment occurs on that block, I really hope that the Scott Street Pub is restored and incorporated into what ever occurs. I personally think that while 3 is a minimum, I would prefer to see 4-5 floors with a mix of spaces. Offices to the west of the Pub, and apartments above and to the east of the Pub with ground level storefronts/office spaces and below grade parking. If the buildings to the east of the pub are demolished I hope that some of the wood flooring and the beautiful doors are kept and incorporated into whatever is built on the site. I feel that any redevelopment should utilize at least a small portion of what currently exists on the site. A two story development does not have enough density for the location.

  5. Good point! I think it should be done! If MCDEVCO has purchased some of these properties, is it safe to say that some sort of redevelopment will occur here in the not too distant future?

  6. I do not think McDevco is saying. I wish they would though.

  7. MCDEVCO has identified that block of Scott Street as a strategic site for redevelopment and there is an acquisition plan that is underway, as people know. MCDEVCO does not have an implementation plan for redevelopment at this point. There may be an interim use as surface parking while that is developed, but surface parking is not the long-term plan for the property. If parking turns out to be a long-term need in that area, then it would be important to examine ground level retail, as was done with the Jefferson Street ramp, to keep the street animated by accommodating multiple use.

  8. It would be nice if McDevco would say it.

  9. I’m a member of the MCDEVCO board. That’s the status of that project at this point.

  10. I spent a good chunk of time looking at the flickr site at the Dudley shots, and this one feels most like the image I would put on my wall. It feels like home. The contrast of the so familiar fire escape, the ringle brick and the new building and its space age materials and hundred thousand dollar spire…It is a strong metaphor for the state of development in our fair city.

    Ed Gale is a Ninja.

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