Celebrate with the LYWAM!

By Christine Martens 

The Woodson Art Museum has always had an amazing way not just showing art, but for inviting the community to experience art. The words art museum tend to invoke visions of inaccessible paintings hanging in spartan rooms. The Woodson has toppled that image for all who have visited. It is an amazing place that never fails to impress.

Five years ago they created yet another way to bring art to children- The Art Park. Of course occasionally you may see an adult playing there, too, (OK, there are a lot of us down there having as much fun as the kids.) This weekend they are inviting everyone to celebrate with them:

Let’s Celebrate . . . with Kites!
Saturday, February 24, 2007
1 – 2 pm & 2:30 – 3:30 pm
Art Park is 5 years old . . . and still young at heART!

At these two sessions, families get ready for the kite-flying season by making a sled kite with instruction from Dale and Pam Bowden. The Bowdens hail from Wisconsin Rapids and are members of the Wisconsin Kiters, the American Kitefliers Association, and KOWS, a synchronized kite-flying team. Fee: $5 per kite. Call 715-845-7010 or email museum@lywam.org to register for this program.

Let’s Celebrate . . . with Cake!
Sunday, February 25, 2007
1 – 3 pm
Art Park is 5 years old . . . and still young at heART!

A birthday cake, of course! Join us for cake and Culver’s Custard, art projects, a puppet show, a few rounds of the Happy Birthday song, and general merriment at this free community event.


13 responses to “Celebrate with the LYWAM!

  1. I have no idea what your talking about. Art Park? Huh?

  2. From the Woodson Art Museum website: http://www.lywam.org

    Opened in February 2002, Art Park is the Museum’s activity-filled environment for children and families. Explore treeosks with art- and nature-based activities, reading hills for relaxing with a book or an eye-spy game, costumes, and a wall full of puzzles. Designed with children in mind, Art Park appeals to the child in all of us.

    It sounds like its worth a visit to the museum.

  3. A program on kites being held on a day it’s snowing — how Wisconsin! I love it!

    LYWAM is to be congratulated on the way they have blown away the image of an art museum as a place where only the elite go to admire the untouchable. Families are encouraged go there to have fun together. Not to drop the kids off while Mom and Dad do something else — but to play together.

    When I was considering relocating to Wausau, the town was described as very “family oriented”. Programs like help maintain the family-friendly atmosphere.

    Thanks for sharing the information about the activities this weekend.

  4. Just some constructive criticism for the Art Park:

    I did attend the event yesterday. It was a very simple, pleasant event that my family enjoyed.

    One part that confused me was the “Reading Hills” – it is multi-level, and made of soft covered foam-like material. My toddler found it absolutely irresistible to stand and climb on, as did other children. In my experience with children’s museums, they are a place where nothing is “off-limits” and they are free to explore, play and touch everything. We were gently reminded that the area was just for reading. I would think a reading area would be off to the corner, instead of the first thing in view when you walk down the stairs.

    I would love to see a true Children’s Museum in downtown Wausau. Every other major city in the state does. (Milwaukee, Stevens Point, Madison, Eau Claire, LaCrosse, Eagle River, and Appleton) I certainly don’t want to take away from Leigh Yawkey – I think it is incredible that we have such gem in this town – I just don’t think the small basement children’s facility is enough for a city this size.

    I would like to see water transfer tables, mock grocery store, an entire room dedicated to arts and crafts and a rotating exhibit on a monthly basis.

    Just putting my two cents in.

  5. A great model for a children’s museum is what was done in Duluth, MN. We’ve been to quite a few children’s museums, and this is the only one that the kids have specifically requested to see again. We’ve been there twice and will probably go again this summer.


    BTW, it shares a facility with three other mueums and a performance hall, so there is something for everyone.

  6. Thanks for the recommendation. I have been to the Minneapolis museum and will try to venture to Duluth site.

  7. Wow, that was a really well thought constructive form of criticism.

    That Kari person is smart.

  8. The Marathon County Historical Museum has a small area for children as well. They always try to add some hands on activities for the kids in the far corner. Perhaps the Native American Center (WIndian Center I think is the real name, but I am not sure…), that is hopefully going to be in the old federal building, will have some kids activities.

    The CVA always has great classes for kids (and adults). I have enrolled the kids in several and they love each class. But that is not the same idea- you can’t just drop in for an activity, you must register (which is very simple mind you… and very inexpensive!)

    But, I agree Wausau needs something more substantial museum for youth- not a little bit here and there. Maybe that is what the city council should look into rather than a city zoo.

  9. I was pleased to check my mail today, to find I won a drawing for a 2007 Family Pool pass for the Wausau pools.

    Thanks LYWAM!

  10. better you than me… I don’t have a family and cant swim

  11. I swim, I teach swimming.

    I think aside from ping pong, swimming is my favorite thing to do physically.

  12. personally.. I think not being able to swim makes me a much better water skier

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