Gary Gisselman is the smartest man in the world!!

Eds Note:  Reading Dino’s writings right now is like going down in warm syrup and coming up in a world where “up” is sideways and “down” is gaseous.  Rant away, Dino.  And next time, man, can you invest in a phonebook or something?

Dino CorvinoBy: Dino Corvino

So it is another Friday night, and as I sit here at the desk created for me by my grandfather Bill, I am left with some rather fragmented thoughts.  Nothing new there, but so it spews.  Giving away the gift of process to the world around me, wondering why one would buy a rowboat in 2007.

First and foremost I want to reflect about lip balm.  It is one of those things, a thing we all embrace, and sometimes wonder about.  When I was in Brooklyn so many eons ago, I bought some homemade lip balm.  The lady at the co-op told me it was made right down the street.  I did some investigating.  It turns out it was made right down the street.

Someone should start a Wausau Lip Balm Company.  Why the hell not?  Stop the influx of foreign lip balms into our home economy.  We should make those non-Wausau lip balms pay a tariff for importation into our fair city.  Demand they be free-range bees or whatever.  Unionized bees, making cruelty free, free range wax.  Wax without barbed wire, Hormone free bees, making hormone free wax.

ChapStick SPF15 in the blue tube, Soft Lips in the yellow, Burt’s Bees…. its all a swirl.  We need lip balm self-reliance!  It’s the only way to break the shackles of lip balm oppression.


How come the City Council is almost entirely made up of property developers?  How come no one called Mark Craig on this sort of gross conflict of interest when he ran for Mayor years ago?  Do you have to leave your property interest behind?  Like when Cheney had to resign from Halliburton or whatever war profiteer corporation he was involved in when he got nominated?  Do we need that in Wausau?  I think we might.

That is a fun doozy of a question.

And for the record, I got no juice, and the juice might just be a curse.  Beware too much juice.  It can be filling.  Heard it tastes good, but how the hell would I know?

And now this…

I ask you this Wausau, do you know the names Will Fleishman, and Darren Frohm?  What about Lance Tlusty(sorry LT if I spelled that wrong)?  Or Jason Schenzel, Jason Reichel, Dan and Jason Helding, John K(not even going to try), Mike Brady, BJ Morrill, Gums, John Dabler, Chris Artz, Josh Kinney, Forrest Greisman (again sorry about the spelling man)?

I am sorry to leave off the West and East crews, but honestly, I do not know your names at age 36.

It’s a bit of a history lesson I admit.  A blast from the subculture passed.  A remembrance of time gone by.  But I think it is interesting.

I think those names reflect the first generation of skateboarders in Wausau.  The mid 80s.  The days of Vision shoes, and the Bones Brigade.

Will and Darren opened a shop called Top Deck.  By the big glass bank by the Mandarin, next to what used to be the King’s Knight (anyone remember when Porky drove his car into the King’s Knight?).  Will and Darren were two cats in high school, and they pooled the money they had, got some from their folks, and opened a shop.  At the time, skate harassment was a real issue, and people were regularly arrested for skating.  Back then the police were not nearly as “enlightened” as they are today.

As we begin to think back, on the X games, and Good Charlotte, or whatever…we are stuck paying respect to the past, and I think for many the genesis of this in Wausau was Top Deck.

Thanks Will, thanks Darren.

So lets continue our rant on waxy things…I think Soy candles are better than regular candles.  The furniture lady has these amazing candles made of soy, they are almost the same thing as tofu, but let me just say….”Do not eat them.”  Even with hot sauce they taste bad.

Have you even imagined a wax free world?  A world without wax?  No wax, waxless.  What would that would be like?

No Rollie Fingers.  No Phil Neikro.  Well maybe Phil, but he might have a mustache.

And surfboards.  Without wax, how could we take care of our surfboards?

And rowboats.  You gotta watch out for rowboats without wax — they are prone to sliding.  Out of control rowboats, that is rough.  We need better rowboat oversight.  We need a rowboat regulatory body.  It’s a blood bath in the rowboat world.  There oughta be a law.

As long as I am thanking people, I thought I would thank Terry Armstrong and Sue Lewitzke and Mike Welnetz.

Terry was sort of the youth director at the Y when I was little kid.  I was Y child, drop me off Saturday morning with three bucks, I had basketball in the morning, swim lessons, floor hockey, god knows what else, and general tom foolery downtown.  Terry was the guy I remember with floor hockey.  One of my favorite memories growing up.  The red and yellow sticks.  The weird goalie thing, the mats in the corner of the multi purpose room, the all star game versus the Stevens Point Y.  The center stick wrapped in tape, to let you know who was the center.  The game clock in the window to the kitchen.

Sue Lewitzke taught me to be a lifeguard.  She also taught me to swim.  She taught thousands of folks to swim, she taught thousands more people how to be swimming teachers.  She taught me to be a lifeguard, a job that to this day defines me.   One winter session Ted Tautges and I were senior instructors, and we got stuck teaching water dance (me) safe diving (Ted).  Needless to say, that was hilarious.  I learned to teach parent-child classes in the little pool, and sing all the songs, and I loved it.

Mike Welnetz taught me to play tennis.  I remember playing tennis with Sean Palecek at that little park behind the 19th Hole in Schofield.  He kicked my butt, and I wanted lessons.  I got into some community lessons at Everest, and Mike was the teacher.  I guess Mike thought I could play, and suggested more lessons and better equipment.  So I was going to the Wausau Racquet Club a few nights a week, and playing a lot.  I met some great people there, Vince and Ben Bearjar and their dad who was equally as cool. Also, the Tuchsherers (sorry about the spelling), Gretchen being one of those amazing icons playing tennis at Georgia, I think.   Jim Beier, Dan Wallach who is to this day one of the coolest guys ever  (he had an elevator in his house), Paul Feindt was there as the sort of untouchable hero.  Paul was a quiet guy, but a better tennis player than all of us combined.  He had an amazing two handed backhand, and a service motion that was amazing, such kick he had.  I never knew him to lose in the Valley Conference.  I met the Paulson twins there.  I also met the Stifler brothers, who happened to be all time top ten cool cats, I met Kristin McCandless there as well, and I fell in love with her.

I loved riding to the Racquet club in Jim Beier’s blue dodge dart.  We felt so cool, and so independent.

Wausau was a great place to be a kid.

Free Lip Balm all around.

A rowboat speedlimits.  Its rowboat anarchy right now.

And better bus schedules.


39 responses to “Gary Gisselman is the smartest man in the world!!

  1. Butterscotch is the best pudding.

  2. Michelle Ostrowski

    Sorry Dino, but I have yet to become a property developer. The same question could be asked why are the vast majority of U.S. Senators attorneys?
    Love the blog,
    Michelle Ostrowski
    Wausau City Council

  3. ROCK ON MICHELLE! Jumping in the Wausaublog pool.

    In defense of attorneys…wait who am I kidding…

    The subtle, but amazing differance is this…a property developer can directly profit by the actions of a city coucil. Not saying Wausau is doing that.

    So for example property owner a and his bank account would benefit from a new strip mall being approved by the voting powers that be, well he is also one of the voting powers that be.

    I say this…I am officially talking out my butt. I was reading about how Cheney and the like had to step down from the boards of whatever they were on the boards of when they accepted office or chose to run I think.

    I am fascinated not so much by what the City Council’s of America does, but how they address things like conflict of interst.

    For example, I think Van De Yacht got in trouble for something recently, or maybe not…Not to slander this Van DeYacht person…

    what checks and balances exist in City Councils to ensure that this is not merely a form of business interest tom foolery.

    So the direct question is…if Mark Craig was elected, would he have to resign from Compass Properties?

    A comparison between a attorney and a property develop does not apply, unless the attorney has clients who would profit based on his work in Congress.

    Plus we all know the secret societies recruit lawyers, something about lawyers being the new masons or something.

    One can never be sure…but really we should be talking about Bees and Skateboarding.

  4. Welcome aboard Michelle, thanks for the kind words.

  5. Seriously, enough about that…




  6. I have to agree with Dino.

    Butterscotch is the best pudding, no doubt.

  7. Now, that is a question worth some alternative media exploration!!

    Way to go Wausaublog…actually posing a question in this town.

  8. Here’s something toward the discussion…

    “How come the City Council is almost entirely made up of property developers?”

    I really don’t think that is the case.

    ” How come no one called Mark Craig on this sort of gross conflict of interest when he ran for Mayor years ago?”

    He wasn’t in office. Had he been elected, he would have needed to abstain from actions in which he had a private interest, if that situation had even continued to exist. Council members do that from time to time, but it doesn’t come up very often. Most of the time, it is to avoid an appearance of a conflict, rather than an actual conflict of interests.

    “Do you have to leave your property interest behind? Like when Cheney had to resign from Halliburton or whatever war profiteer corporation he was involved in when he got nominated?”

    In the case of a national office, a person like Cheney is well-advised to leave the interest behind even before taking office. Some have blind trusts in which their assets are managed. There are certain disclosures that are required and this extends to political appointees, such as when Tommy Thompson was named a cabinet secretary. At the state level, you can review the Standards of Conduct here:

    The City of Wausau has an ethics code that you can view here:

    The general rule of thumb is that you can not benefit privately from your public office. Many corporations have similar codes of ethics to prohibit accepting gifts, etc.

    “Do we need that in Wausau? I think we might.”

    Indeed we do, which is why we have had a formal ethics code since the 1980s.

  9. I prefer Crème Brule, which I think is technically custard. I have my own blow torch so I can caramelize the sugar topping into a beautiful gloden shell. One of my top ten food moments is when the spoon breaks through the sugar into the custard. But if you say Crème Brule doesn’t count and it must be a pudding, then my vote is for warm vanilla or tapioca.

    Hemp wax is a good alternative to bee and soy wax. It’s biodegradable, sustainable, plus inexpensive and easy to produce. Plus, the hemp plant can be used for so many things from fiber to food.

    Before I moved on to the department store brands, I was a Carmex addict. Carmex was my gateway into full-blown beauty product addiction. Although they tell me Carmex available in handy plastic tubes, a purest only consumes its evil-waxy-cracky goodness from the original milky-white glass mini-jars with their seductive yellow and black metal lids. But I don’t touch the stuff anymore. I just got my twenty-year badge.

  10. About time we got someone in here with actual good taste in pudding. Jeez Louise!! Butterscotch!!?? You mean like straight out the box Jello pudding with the lumpy thick skin on top? Ugh. Tasteless Philistines! (sorry for the Biblical reference, I mean no offense to any actual Philistines out there…)

    Lisa, you can invite me over for desert anytime.

    Or even better, how about take some rice, whole milk, raisins, sugar and just a touch of real vanilla and bake it until it is soft and gooey and the raisins are the size of plums. Now there’s a pudding! Just like Grandma used to make. Comfort food for the soul. If you have one. Jackals.

    Butterscotch. Bleah. Corporate drones. Probably think the stupid Kindom is Magic. My butt.

    OK, now, I am hungry. Did somebody say “warm syrup?” Mmmmmmm….pancakes.

  11. Thanks Jim. I knew we had a guy on the inside who could answer that question.

  12. Lisa, Oh how I agree with you about creme brulee. I had dinner at the Wright PLace on 6th , and had my first creme brulee expereince. WOW. When that little spoon pushed through hard coating, I am pretty sure I came. It was like baited breath. Oh god.

    Lisa…STOP THE INSANITY. Your lip balm is just holding you down, its the mans newest economic shackle. First slavery, then boredom, then crack, now lip balm.


    Free the Bees. Let them choose to give us the wax, we are bees wax thieves.

    taking wax from bees is just like…oh wait a minute. not going to do that.

  13. Just back from creme brulee at City Grill, you instigators! Time for the tread mill. Yes, I have a torch, too. Tonight’s link:

  14. My first Creme Brule experience was at The Court of the Two Sisters in New Orleans when I was at the World of Concrete convention. It was the same trip that I gave a balloon mime a $20 to get away from me.

  15. LISA I totally love you. I was on my first solo road trip with my friend Jill, we took the train to New Orleans for two weeks, I was 16. Our big fancy meal was the Court of Two Sisters.

    The open air dining room with the vines across the top.

    That is so awesome.

  16. That’s us always starting stuff. We’re stuff starters.

    Personally, I am thinking of hot chocolate right now.

  17. What’s smooth, yellow and very dangerous?
    Shark infested custard.
    Or bee infested lip balm.
    Do these look smug? 😉

  18. Creme Brulee is best. In absence of that, I’ll take Flan.

  19. I had chocolate creme brulet in Grand Rapids at the Amway Grand that was amazing!

  20. Michelle Ostrowski

    Although I enjoy creme brulee I would have to say Jello Instant Pistachio is the best hands down!

  21. I am in total agreement with Lisa- Creme Brulee hands down! Of course, I’ve had it with a sliced strawberry on top and that with the carmelized brulee- almost orgasmic! But if creme brulle doesn’t count does bread pudding? My former mil made the best- carmelized sugar on top- yum! If not, then the only other kind worth the calories is mud pie jello pudding.

    And Burts Bees? Only lip balm I use, combines lip color and lip softening for less than buying both! Smart gal, Lisa!

  22. Look, all you crazy people…butterscotch is superior.

    It has a earthy flavor, with a hint of nose.

    Your all being blinded by the corporate lip balm your using.


    ITS PEOPLE!!!!

  23. The companies are exploiting these bees. With no health care, and no long term retirment, these bees are left living day to day. Flying from any flower patch they can get.

    Are you telling the corporate muckety muchs at Chapstick, or this fellow Burt (if that is his real name!) care one iota about these bees.

    I say to you this, and I say it again, Unionize the bees. Stand with the bees in the struggle for bees rights, and a fair and living wage for the bees.

    Fight Corporate Lip Balm!!!

  24. How many times do I have to get my whistle out Dino? Settle down and let the discussion get back to pudding, where it belongs.

    I’m not going to say it again.

  25. FREE THE BEES!!!



  26. Sigh. There’s just no controlling you, is there?

  27. I say Bees deserve whatever they can get.

    A friend of mine, who is a Ph.D. and Director of Product Development for an organic consumer brand, turned me on to the benefits of Royal Jelly a few years back. Burt’s makes a Royal Jelly Eye Crème that I use at night. Shannan, I agree on the Lip Shimmer. My shade of choice is Toffee for weekend use.

  28. Oh puleeze. Could you ladies take it outside or something, maybe head for the lounge? Since when did this devolve into a cosmetics discussion?

    But toffee, that is somethingworth discussing. Toffee is pretty similar to creme brulee, if you do do it right anyway.

    Hmmmm….toffee, pancakes, warm syrup….

    Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?

  29. Back to the pudding.

    Currently in the oven: Corn Pudding Cockaigne with fresh tarragon.

  30. Your ignoring the BEES!!! You simple refusal to acknowledge the working conditions of bees, and the toil that they have to endure is an abomination on the human soul.

    New evidence has come to light point to Burt as one of the people involved in the CIA’s work with Pinochet in Chile, and Burt was involved in the interrogation of Noriega.

    BURT is CIA!!! My source, who will remain anonymous to protect himself from the powers that be, is a high up in the anti bee groups, at the highest levels of power.

    The stabilization of the Bees can only help us all.




    NO BEES!!!

  32. Corn Pudding Cockaigne? With fresh tarragon? For the love of the supreme being whom I can not mention for fear of offense, please stop.

    Stop, I beg you. I am a weak man.

    A leaning tower of pudding.

    I give up.

  33. Look, I think were missing the topic at hand, the bees.

    Or maybe conflict of interest in the City Council

  34. Dino, you do have to remember that many people are landlords, many people who you would least expect, many who dont advertise the fact. Real estate is a great investment and many many people use real estate as part of their long term retirement plan. Dino, you my friend, are a landlord.

    That being said, when a landlord finds themselves on the City Council, they do have to abstain from issues that would directly impact them. However, for me, there has always been a question of what defines “directly impact.”

    In theory, anything that would impact property taxes would impact every member of the council, so not that means they cannot vote on the budget?

    When Jean Radtke was on the council, she was a landlord that made no secret of the fact. Therefore, whenever an ordinance was coming up for discussion where city staff felt that Jean was on the opposite side of the issue from her, they would push her pretty hard (through the city attorney) that she could not have a say, and could not vote because of conflict of interest.

    My favorite was during a Community Block Grant discussion when NCCAP (was being discussed). Jean was in favor of giving CAP money (as the City had done for a while) while staff wanted the money instead to go to the Police Dept.

    One of the things that CAP does with the money is provide rental and security deposit assistance for low-income individuals who need help. Staff discovered that Jean had recieved a Security Deposit from a tenant through CAP and said she must now abstain because she will benefit.


    If I was on the Council for that vote, I would have had to abstain. CAP rents their office from me, I do recieved money directly from CAP and I could see the conflict. But, to get a Deposit check.. no that’s not the same thing. She got the money from her tenant, her tenant got it from CAP.

    Anyone who knows me knows my political asperations. But… being someone who is proud of what I do.. who tries to be a leader in my industry… I tend to paint a large (graphiti-style :)) bulls-eye on my back.. so I really don’t know how effective of a politician I would be until after I retire from my chosen profession.

  35. AHA!! A comment.

  36. Without getting into all of the things that Dr. Rent touches upon, it’s important to know that with Community Development Block Grant funds, there is more to consider than just the local ethics code. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development imposes standards of its own with respect to the use of these federal funds and the involvement of local elected officials.

    There is a citizen advisory board that makes recommendations to the council for the use of CDBG funds each year and their determinations carry a lot of weight with the council.

  37. However… their recommendations have been known to be victims of steering from non-elected city staff.. often with their own agendas

  38. I can’t comment on that because I haven’t attended their meetings in the past. I know that the staff recommendations and the committee’s recommendations sometimes differ after the process has been completed. My own approach has been to go with the committee’s recommendations because I see that as the best way to maintain the integrity of the process and to value the work of those who agree to serve in this capacity.

  39. Dino was talking about skaters from wausau,
    the only skater from wausau that turned pro was BJ. I just seen his pro deck @
    dwellers needs to order some!
    support your local pro!!!

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