Our Neighbor’s Place in Wausau

Bill CoadyBy: Bill Coady

Yes, it was cold outside Saturday, but I was warm inside as I headed out to the Ice Tee Classic to check things out and get a few shots. The shots weren’t so good, overhead sun on snow and ice is not a flattering light for many subjects, but it was fun.

Click for Larger ImageOnly in Wisconsin would people go out to a frozen lake and play gooney golf with tennis balls and hockey sticks. Of course, if you tried such a thing in Oklahoma you might drown. I do believe a good time was had by all. But what is important is not a good time on a Saturday afternoon, no matter how extraordinarily wonderful that good time might be, but the long term results that come about.

The Neighbors’ Place is an integral part of our community. A truly local agency that serves the needs of various communities with a variety of programs.

We don’t like to think of people going hungry here in Dairyland, but the food pantry at The Neighbors’ Place distributes food to some 3000 people each month. Wow. That is astounding to me, given that the population of the metro area is in the 50,000 range. There are obviously many people in the area living close to the edge and the Neighbors’ Place helps them. In addition to food, people can also receive clothing and household goods there, free of charge. Do you really need to have a garage sale this summer? Just take those things to the Neighbors’ Place now and give your closets a break.

And speaking summer, is there anything cooler than the idea of a community garden? The Neighbors’ Place has one. Not only do people raise food for themselves (the ultimate in self-sufficiency) but folks also kick in their time and talents to raise fresh wholesome foods for the food pantry.

Speaking of time and talents, the Neighbors’ Place is chock full of people who give of themselves freely to keep the place running. Look down the list of people involved on their webpage and you will see many familiar names. A few of them even show up here from time to time. As Tom Fladland used to say on his “Star Volunteer” if you see one of these people around town, pat ’em on the back and thank them. They are the kind of people who make Wausau the wonderful place that it is.

Now, somebody famous, I forget who at the moment, said that when you give money to places like this that you should “not let your left hand know what your right is doing.” So, I am going to type the rest of this one handed. At the Ice Tee Classic, I primed the pump a bit. Not much, nowhere near the need, but something. And Dino’s eloquent plea the other day not withstanding – I think you should kick in to the Neighbors’ Place first, before you even dream of sending the blog here a penny.

They don’t have a click box yet, but this is a small town, you know where they are. OK, fine, I’ll tell you in case you don’t know.

The Neighbors’ Place
745 Scott Street
Wausau, WI 54403

So, take a minute and mail them a check. Or better yet, go clean out your closet and your pantry and in one of the bags of stuff you take over, drop a check in there. You’ll feel good about it, trust me. I know I did.


6 responses to “Our Neighbor’s Place in Wausau

  1. Bill, The Neighbors’ Place clients, staff and board or directors truly appreciate your kind words and support.

  2. It was the least I could. And I always do the very least I can do. 😉

  3. TNP..huh? What? Is that morse code? I was never in the Navy, so I do not know morse code.

  4. The Neighbors’ Place

  5. I know, I was just joshing.

    And not enough people say Joshing.

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