I Resent Tom Fladland

Eds Note: The Kingsmen’s version of “Louie, Louie” is a fantastic example of what can happen when something bubbles up from the collective unconscious of popular culture. Dino’s piece this week certainly bubbled up for somewhere, but I am not sure where. And like “Louie, Louie,” the words here speak for themselves. Here’s Dino — rant away my friend.

Dino CorvinoBy: Dino Corvino

Okay people, it’s Friday. Time’s pretty much up for work week, so I am throwing noodles against the walls. It’s a choppy sea, but sometimes you end up in Greenland with no way home but a skiff my friends.

For starters, I do not resent Tom. The fact is I really dig Tom. Tom runs this supercool agency, ships things on ships for cryin’ out loud, has cool kids who are not afraid to talk to grown ups, can really wear a good baseball cap, and more than anything… a really cool mustache. Not a lot of guys can rock a mustache in 2007, but Tom can.

So, I thought I would say that I am sorry to Jim Rosenberg. Sorry Jim. I get all worked up, and that’s wrong. I sort of made it about you a bit too much. I think the corporate thing sort of turns my stomach. I get the referendum, and that’s fine; but I just build walls around the idea of schools being a place without corporate influence. I guess we see that totally differently. Hope you know I dig you. You are a smart man.

I suppose that a lot of the thing in my life have changed recently. My legs feel different now that I am walking around the downtown streets on a daily basis. My personal life changed today in a new and exciting way. I am left wondering so much about the daily life of my fair city, and this is an amazing place.

Here’s what I have been thinking about recently: “what drew me to this person or that person?” I think it is brilliance. A shining penny on the bottom of the deep end of the pool. My Dad’s keys thrown into the water as a great toy for me to chase. Some amazing shot in a game of horse. My friend Tom Jordan playing slide guitar in a way that amazes me each and every time I hear it, the amazing power of the Scott Holt Band, and the ever present city I live in.

This week I walked into the mall for the first time in years. I was struggling with the lead for a piece of writing, and I went and stood in the middle of the mall, and my buddy Joe Hawkins came walking along and talked to me. He walked up behind me, tapped my shoulder, and I took off my headphones and there we were talking. Looking at the mall is both a blessing and a curse. Malls fascinate me, but at the same time they sort of sicken me. One has to have a sort of balance on these things.


So, who are the truly brilliant people around here? I am going to just throw out some names. I think Randy and Lisa from EID are brilliant, I think Mark Baldwin is a brilliant cat, Al Post is the brilliant cat of my daily life, I think Rosenberg’s brilliance reveals itself in his willingness to mix it up online, I think Bill Coady is a brilliant cat, my Dad was brilliant, Gary Barden is brilliant, and so is Eric Sorensen, and Mike Kasper for the survival skill it takes to get this far.

But here’s the downside to that…there are a ton of prominent people who are not so brilliant in my opinion. I am not going to name names on this one, but we all know who they are. Showing up in all the right places, and we all sort of wonder what is going on with that.

So I spend a lot of time around musicians, and local musicians to boot. I am consistently amazed how disengaged people are. For example, how this blog can have a city councilman (albeit the coolest one) writing for it, and none of the other council members engaging this here electronic rag. And how many people do you mention this blog to, and the wonderful things I write here and they respond with “What is the Wausaublog? What is a blog?” I was shocked to read about a member of a prominent committee here in town asking what a blog is.

In some moments I find this city apathetic. People do not read newspapers, they do not go to events, and I am wondering what they are doing at 5:30 pm.

I got the juice.

Then I remember I do not have a family, and I like the movement of being the room for the cool stuff. And my definition of cool stuff is not everyone’s.

So, it seems to me that we are on the cusp of great things, and our leader needs to be reminded that we care for the blog, and we care for him as a cool dude. I think it is time to belly up to the bar, and give Wausaublog some of your money. I know Bill is never going to ask, so I will. Let’s look at the features of the blog that we love: the freedom, the pictures, all of it. So lets break it down:

I think we need to buy a PRO Flickr Account for Bill….the cost is 30 bucks or so. So, how about one of you go to Flickr, and take care of that for Bill, or maybe we just give Bill the money.

We need to move the blog to its own host. That is going to be about $150 to $200 a year. I think that money should float through the Amazon honor system account. So click on the little button on the side of the page, and give Bill some money. Just a few bucks. We can all do it.

Bill needs a new digital camera for some of the projects he wants to take on, and what Bill does with a camera only makes us all look better! So, a camera is a ton of loot, but I think that if you like what you see and read here, it is time to step up and support the blog financially. Every little bit gets us to the future role of a bigger grassroots open media option here in Wausau.

Bill did not ask me to write this, but I think someone needs to.

Bill is also a man. Well, the DNA results are pending, but I am pretty sure. I think we should take Bill to dinner. The simple fact is we all know each other through Bill, and if we do not know each other, we should. And I mean face to face: not this watered down online stuff. So I suggest a contributor meet up. We all email each other, and I would gladly take on the organization of such a thing, and we could feed Bill and laugh and enjoy each other in a great way. We can be the shining example of easy community in Wausau.

I think that you are all great people. Fischer, Rosenberg, Alters, Christensen, Martens and whom ever else I forgot. That is like the brain trust of this fair city. Let’s throw some muscle behind Bill and really give him our emotional support, as well as a little cash here and there. Maybe buy one less coffee or CD a week. OK, maybe some of you really, really need your coffee. But one less won’t kill ya.

The lesson endeth.

So, this is what I want:

Better Public Transit: I gotta walk like a mile or two to catch the bus every 2 hours. I like the bus. I have a car that I like too, but I want to ride the bus. I know buses cost a ton, but if you want to make it attractive to corporations here, build some infrastructure. Do we have a city bus out to the industrial park? How many jobs are out there?

What do you think of Big Bull Falls? I think Lonnie Brooks makes up for some mediocre stuff.

Blues Cafe?

How about the future of KinzieBenefits concerts?

And again, I do not have a girlfriend!!

Hey, John Fischer, my buddy Paul Klocko and I play catch with a baseball in the summer. If you want in, let me know.
Eds Postscript: As with Phyllis’s post I have no idea which “Bill Coady” Dino is referring to. Can somebody help me out with a Google search on this one?


5 responses to “I Resent Tom Fladland

  1. Has anyone seen my left shoe?

  2. See, that’s the weird part. It’s there on your right foot and I don’t even know how you could get it on that way and not have it even feel weird or anything.

    And as for anything else, it’s no blood, no foul. Fair discussion and worthy points. And I like the free-form. “Sometimes you end up in Greenland with no way home but a skiff my friends.” I know I do. 😉

  3. Juice? You ain’t got no steenking juice! If you did, you’d have a girlfriend. Or three.

  4. Good one, Crash, that was a doozy.

  5. You need a girlfriend? How about a virtual date…


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