The Green, Green Pastures

Eds Note: Being part of a public enterprise is a new experience for me, and it has its good and bad moments.  One of the most amazing things is to see what simply arrives from the ether across the transom.  One of the most amazing things to cross that transom lately is Lisa Stahl.  I haven’t been able to talk her into being a regular contributor, she says she is not a writer,  but you can feel free to disagree when you are done reading her piece.  However, somehow, I just get the feeling that you will be seeing more of her work here.  And I, for one, am totally looking forward to that.  And don’t worry, around here anyway, the party is just getting started.
By Lisa Stahl

We arrived in Wausau looking for new pastures and have found that they are indeed greener here.

When we decided it was time to move, we made a mental list of what we wanted in a town. We were hungry for a place that recognizes the importance of arts and culture to a vibrant, healthy society; one that embraces creativity itself in all its forms – in the workplace, schools and community organizations. We wanted to raise our children in a diverse, healthy, caring environment.

The arts community here is remarkable. Thanks goodness for people like Jim O’Connell, the folks at Leigh Yawkey Woodson, the Wausau Festival of Arts, Art in the Park, Community Ballet, the Children’s Theater, CVA, Wisconsin Valley Art Association, and so on. And for those who write checks of all amounts and volunteer countless hours to make it come together seemlessly.  To those people with the visionary insight who started the ball a rollin’.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Perhaps even more important to me is Heidi Garski and her fabuolus work-of-art/home on Stewart Ave. You know the one. Her blog is both refreshing and creative inspiration (plus I’m lucky enought to own a couple
of her photographs). Abe Gabor – what can I say – I wish I could bottle his enthusiasm. And he just ooozes coolness.  Kevin Korpela of fame – The folks at Evolutions – with a special shout out to Kathy Evans. Bruce Bohlken at LaPaul Furs who was the very first person I met in Wausau and sealed the deal for us moving here in the first place. Bruce is quite the chearleader for Wausau. And I must mention fashionistas Heather & Shawn Van Dalfson – Glen (WPR Route 51) & Mary Beth Moberg (Northwoods Goldsmith), the beautiful chaos at Funky Findz and Designs in Rib Mountain, and Craig Filiatreaux who has managed to keep both my plants and spirit alive.  What more could a girl want?

It has been wondrous to me to be a part of collaborative partnerships and the creative learning opportunities in my adopted hometown. In my four short years here I have met people who are interested in making Wausau a more livable place, making it a place livable for everyone, and making it livable far into the future.

I recognize within myself that sometimes keeping busy is a way to stave off loneliness. But that’s not the case anymore. I am truly enjoying the many things I am doing and thankful for all the outlets Wausau has to offer. I must admit, sometimes I feel that I’m a little late for the party. But then I meet someone else who knocks my socks off and tells me “You’re just in time.”


8 responses to “The Green, Green Pastures

  1. You’ve picked an all-star cast and interestingly, there are some who have arrived here as you did to make Wausau their own, others who left and returned and a few who have probably been here all along. It is especially interesting to hear from people who come, discover and then stay. They sometimes seem more inclined to key in on things that long-time residents don’t notice as much. As for green pastures, we’ll just keep spreading the fertilizer around here as fast as we can! 🙂

  2. We got plenty of that fertilizer, don’t we Jim? 😉

    Hopefully we will add some of that all-star cast as voices here and really fertilize the fields.

    Sometimes, I just can’t say “thank you” enough.

  3. I have tried to talk the future Mrs Rent into commenting on the various posts on here… I think that her input as someone in the process of relocating here would be interesting. However, she always says she is more of a reader than a writer.

    I can say for her though.. ditto on the arts this town has to offer. We have already decided that instead of wedding gifts, people should instead make donations to charities important to the both of us.. and the arts in Wausau will be one of them.

  4. Sounds cool, John. Gonna put out invites here on the blog? 😉

  5. Donate money to my itunes repayment fund.

    Damn you itunes, your a evil siren song in the ether of my mind.

  6. And Angela is the best designer at EID. She has been there the longest. Beat Mike by a few months.

    Ask mike about selling Santa stuff

  7. OMGoodness! How kind of you Lisa, how totally kind! You came by my house right after I had my bambino during Art in the Park. I would love to send you something, just because… Thank you. 🙂

  8. Just a reminder, the bees need us.

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