Go Ahead- Tell Them Where To Go

By Christine Martens 

I was just down in Fort Worth, Texas (well, actually the hotel and convention center were in Grapevine) for a travel tradeshow and I was welcomed by each and every person I met. Their pride and commitment to their community was evident at every turn. From the shuttle driver who told me all about his wife’s favorite restaurant to the hosts of the conference who told us the highlights of the area. Even though Grapevine was lined with box restaurants and shopping; the residents shared where to go for a hometown experience. Fort Worth rolled out the red carpet for their guests as well.

Do you know where to send a visitor to the Wausau Area for a great steak? How about killer martini and good music? What do you tell friends and family about the area when they visit? Travelers often want to know what the locals do for fun, where they get the best Italian food, where to see the sites, etc. Do you know enough about your hometown to help a visitor searching for just the right place?

How can you become an expert about your hometown? GET OUT AND EXPLORE (and read the Wausau Blog, of course)! Go out and find cool new experiences, eat somewhere new, check out the museums and see some shows at the Grand. Join some clubs, volunteer your time, take some classes at UWMC or the CVA. Sit out on your porch in the summer and talk with your neighbors.

Need a good reference to get started? Stop in at the Wausau/Central WI Visitor Center (In the teepee building in the Cedar Creek Area) and pick up a new 2007 Visitors Magazine.  Also, consider attending, “At Your Service: The Northwoods Way”  (hosted by the Wausau/Central WI CVB and The Chamber) to brush up on your customer service skills.


One response to “Go Ahead- Tell Them Where To Go

  1. If you are heading out this weekend to the Badger State Games, bundle up. And Christine wanted me to pass along that the opening ceremonies for the games have been moved. Here is the scoop:

    The Badger State Games Opening Ceremony has been moved into the Holiday Inn (Cedar Creek Area, Exit 185). For a schedule go to http://www.sportsinwisconsin.com/bsg/index.php?category_id=972.

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