In the Dead of Winter

Eds Note: With this post we officially welcome Leah Alters to the Wausaublog. Leah and the organizations she heads are really a pivotal part of the city and what this blog is often about. She is all about downtown and how to make and keep it vital and also all about all those cool things we do around here that makes Wausau such a fun place to be. When people say “what we need is more people on the square, not more statues,” Leah and the organizations she represents are the folks that make that kind of thing happen. So I am very happen she is able to spend some time with us, and look forward to the dialogue that we can have here.

Leah’s PictureBy Leah Alters

River District Main Street Wausau & Wausau Area Events…

Yes, these two organizations are definitely on the same side of the street. For my first contribution I thought it would be best to explain how they work together.

River District Main Street Wausau is one of the orgainzations in 36 communities in Wisconsin who are members of Wisconsin Main Street. The National Trust Main Street Center is a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Main Street was started in 1987 here in Wisconsin to help the revitalization of downtowns. A four point approach system was established to help Main Street Communities encourage economic development within the context of historic preservation. These four points are broken down into committees who meet on a monthly basis: Organization, Promotion, Design and Economic Restructuring. For example the promotion committee creates advertisements for the River District, you may have seen the new animated ad that was out over the Holiday Season.

Wausau Area Events is a non-profit organization that has 12 events planned for the 2007 season. Everything from The Summer Solstice Celebration Kick-Off to the Holiday Parade. Now youmight be wondering how these two organizations work together. Simple: the River District works with downtown retailers to improve their businesses, with programs such as facade renovations and implementing business plans. Meanwhile, Wausau Area Events plans and facilitates great events that residents and visitors can attend each year. When participants attend events they have an opportunity to rediscover the changes taking place downtown. And after seeing downtown, we hope that attendees will stay in or return to the downtown area after the event.

So now you are thinking… “In the dead of winter what could Wausau Area Events possibly be working on?” Plenty! The winter season is a great time for the Wausau Area Events staff to start gearing up for the 2007 event season. Gearing up for events includes everything from reserving tents, porta-potties and garbage cans, to contacting performers and brainstorming themes. Winter is a great season to start the ground work for our summer events. Where we hope to see all of you!


11 responses to “In the Dead of Winter

  1. I merely want to say…Leah is cool.

    And a good dancer. But that is a rumor. No way to confirm it.

  2. Enquiring minds want to know 😉

  3. Speaking of winter events – The Neigbors’ Place is hosting the Ice Tee Classic on Sat., Feb. 10th from 10-3 on the ice across from Gulliver’s Landing. The proceeds go to support the food pantry and their other community programs. Plus there’s free food and drink. Fun for adults and kids too. 845-1966.

  4. Golf, ice, Tom Fladland running amok…now that is going to be cool.

    And Mr Rau is a super fellow.

  5. Sadly, if I recall correctly, Mr. Fladland will be unavailable for the event this year. No ice where he is.

  6. Oh I forgot.

    That bastardo

  7. I do expect a showing from the Wausau Blog folks at the Ice Tee. And Leah, how about a drumming circle in the 400 Block for the Summer Soltice event?

  8. so……….. do certain bloggers want to get together and form an ice tee team?

  9. I’m game. How many do we need?

  10. assume its a 4some…… Lisa.. little guidance?

  11. Really there is no minimum, no maximum.

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