The Tradition Continues

The Tradition ContinuesI was walking either to or from the Dudley Building the other day, when I snapped the picture off to the side there. As I snapped, a tentative title popped into my head, “The Tradition Continues.” Which it does, which is womderful. But I also have to say, it is not MY tradition. I did not grow up musically at Inner Sleeve, I am a relative newcomer to Wausau.

There is a funny thing about moving to a place on purpose, when that place is not Los Angeles or New York. Often times the natives of that place will look at you in wonderment when you say, “Well, I looked around and of all the places I could have moved, I came here.” About eight times out of ten, no matter where you are, the next word is, “Why?” It is always funny to me how many people undervalue their hometown.

Just the other day I met another person who chose to move here, and when we both said that we had done this, we almost immediately starting listing off the wonderful things we found here, something along the lines of “The Grand, the art museum, the CVA and no traffic jams!” And there is so much more, of course.

But at this point I am going to turn it over the the natives and the near natives. What is your Wausau tradition? What did you grow up with that is still around? What has gone that you miss? What do you want to make sure your kids do?

Let’s put that comment box to some good use. I want to know what I missed by not growing up here and what my kids should not miss out on now.

PS: There seems to be some kind of problem with the automatic spam filter on the blog.  It has “eaten” at least three legitimate comments that I know of — and maybe more.  I have alerted the WordPress folks about this and hopefully it will get fixed soon.  Just my luck to make this kind of post at this moment. 🙂  If you post a comment, you might want to copy it to your clipboard before you hit “submit.”  If it vanishes instead of appearing on the post you may have been bitten by the bug.  You could take a moment  then to fire up your email program, paste the clip and send it to me.  Thanks for your patience! 


6 responses to “The Tradition Continues

  1. Terry Armstrong at the Woodson YMCA, Mike Welnetz at the Tennis Club, the Wausau Cyclones Hockey team

  2. I am not a Wausau native. My parents found a job here running a group home, so when I left the military, I came to where my parents were.

    I went to school for two years at the UW and found a part time job. I then left to go to Georgetown, then later UW-Madison. With an honors degree in international business, I was going to go and hit the world by storm. That was until offered a job at the same company I worked part time at.

    Why Wausau? Wausau has a small town feel with big city amenties. If you can’t find something to do in Wausau.. you just aren’t looking.

    I have never regretted my decision after college to “Come Home” to Wausau (as the sign says). That decision did cost me a relationship at the time. But for every door that closed, at least a half dozen openned.

    I have emailed my bride-to-be about this post and hope that she will chime in with her Oklahoma thoughts as a future Wausau resident.

  3. I can remember two-lane, tree-lined streets that are now Grand Avenue and Stewart Avenue…

    One thing from the “Olden Days” that was a bit of an institution was Christy’s A&W Root Beer stand. I believe it was originally located on the corner of Weston & Grand (across Weston to the north of Channel 9, which was a gas station at the time. Channel 9 opening was a big deal because before that, we only had Channel 7. “Lerch” from the Addams Family came for the event.)

    Christy’s subsequently moved to the location where Midas Mufflers is now (Kent & Grand) and then later to the current site of the Retro/martini bar on East Kent.) Anyway, you could get a good-sized root beer in the summer for a dime or a larger one for 15 cents. And if you only had a nickle, Christy would pour you two baby beers. 🙂 It was nothing fancy and you either sat in your car (before my driving days) to be served by carhops or there were a few stools outside. It was a wonderful summer hangout with a great cast of characters, fly-studded rolls of fly paper hanging from the ceiling inside the stand and the whole nine yards. 🙂

  4. All throughout my stay in Wausau, Something’s Brewing was a mainstay. My parents grew to dislike it, but I was always hankering for some cinnabuns, or some ice-cream from the candy shop nearby. Sure, it’s mostly gone now, but S.B., and all of Washington Square, really, was a great hangout for me

  5. Hi, my name is Jake, im probably not really contributing to the topic here, but i just wanted to say that I am the boy in that picture. I was walking in with my friend Ariel and my girlfriend Samantha. I just thought it was funny to see myself so randomly. Well bye.

  6. Hey Jake! Thanks for stopping by, hope you got something great while you were shopping in there!

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