Capping it Off

Bill CoadyBy Bill Coady

Tomorrow they will be capping off the Dudley Building, it is by no means finished, but it is a milestone. The word has come down that the spire will go up at noon,  with various and sundry dignitaries in attendance. The Wausaublog will also be represented and you can most like see pictures of the event right here (first!), if the crane doesn’t “accidently” drop something on my head once they figure out who I am.

If the weather forecast is accurate for tomorrow, I already have the best pictures of the spire being set in place. The forecast for tomorrow is for clouds, and not even partly cloudy. Saturday during the “test flight” the sky was crystal blue, but we shall see what the morrow shall bring.

And in some ways, I feel that the Wausaublog was recently capped off, but also not completely finished. We have recently added new writers, and I am still looking for a few more. I have several ideas for directions I would like to see things go in, and I am sure that others do too. New opportunities have come the way of some of the long term writers ( I won’t scoop them here, they can announce their plans in their own time) and we will see where that leads things.

But most of all, I want to take a chance to thank everyone who reads here and especially those that participate by writing and commenting. I have been very fortunate to either meet or develop a correspondance with many of the the people who have “exposed” themselves by commenting here, and I am richer for having made these new friends.

Wausau is a wonderful place where even the “big wheels” and “heavy hitters” insist that they be on a first name basis with you. They care as much or more about the community as a whole than their own personal piece of the pie. This is not always found in larger cities, and we are fortunate to have such people here.

When I moved to Wausau eight years ago, I did so because I felt that people up here have better sense of community mindedness, a better civic spirit than the place I was coming from (even though it was actually a smaller town). In many ways my experience with the Wausaublog has increased this perception for me.

So, I hope that you will keep reading here even though, like the Dudley Building, change and progress may not be outwardly apparent. But most of all I hope that you will feel free to join our little community that is developing here by starting or joining the discussion. Don’t worry, I haven’t turned everyone who has commented into an ongoing writer! Jim might not agree that when it come to pedestrian malls that it is a case of “the more the merrier,” but I am sure he would agree with me here. The more we talk about our fair city, sing its praises and give constructive criticism, the better we become as a community. So when it comes to the Wausaublog: “the more the merrier.”

Even when the Dudley building is “finished” it will be just beginning. And I hope that the Wausaublog is also just beginning and will be a hub in our virtual downtown.


One response to “Capping it Off

  1. Creating this online communityand a venue in which people can share their ideas and what I see as a general tone of general optimism about our city is no small contribution. It’s something to be proud of and it has the potential to be an even greater asset going forward, so thank you for what you’ve done. Having another place to communicate and listen is not only entertaining, but it is an important tool.

    As for the pedestrian mall, I had better feel quite strongly about the direction of a project involving the kind of resources and change that I’ve been pushing for several years with that. 🙂

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