Lingering Places

Eds Note: Finally I got to meet Phyllis and now have a chance to welcome her to the Wausaublog. Phyllis began reading and commenting on the blog this summer on the posts about the various programs at the library. At various I was told by various librarians that I should meet Phyllis, but mysteriously when they tried to find her, she was always missing. I began to suspect some kind of super secret program was underway in the basement of the library. But unfortunately, as it often is, the truth was a bit more mundane, or so I was told. 😉 I look forward to this being the first of many posts from Phyllis, she is a fascinating lady.

Phyllis ChristensenBy Phyllis Christensen

I’ve been reading the conversations here and elsewhere about the 400 Block. In each of the differing suggestions, there is the idea that the space should be a gathering place for people, somewhere they can relax and enjoy the environs.

Responding to the desire that people have people for a comfortable and welcoming place to just “hang out”, we’ve made several changes at the library. There are areas near the current magazines and in the rotunda areas on first and second floor. Usually several people are in each of the lounging areas either reading or using the wireless Internet access. Click for Larger ImageMy personal favorite for curling up with a book is the south second floor area which has a magnificent view of Rib Mountain. It’s perfect for a mental escape.

In the magazine area, overstuffed chairs, area lighting, and potted plants make it seem like your living room at home. This area is also designed to house art exhibits. Last month “A Snapshot of the Arab and Islamic World: Faces and Places”, a collection of photographs by BJ Gruling of Milwaukee hung there. The month works from the library’s circulating collection are featured. Reference Librarian Matthew is scheduling displays to rotate throughout the year.

Click for Larger ImageGrab a cup of coffee, your laptop or something read, sit down, relax and linger @ your library.


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