Since Bill is Talking About the Weather…

By Christine Martens:

The warm weather has brought gloal warming to the top of everyone’s mind once again. Where as we may not be able to reverse what has been done, maybe we can slow things down a bit. Check Groovy Green out for ideas and the latest topics of conversation.

Even tourism is getting into the swing of things. Have you noticed the many news stories about how to travel green? “Eco-tourism” is very trendy. Wisconsin has gotten into the swing of things and has created Travel Green Wisconsin. This site will help identify those in the tourism industry who have participated in a special certification program. To become certified you must meet the basic requirements within nine catagories:
A. Communication and Education (Customers, Employees, Public)
B. Waste Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling
C. Energy Efficiency, Conservation, and Management
D. Water Conservation and Wastewater Management
E. Air Quality
F. Wildlife and Landscape Conservation and Management
G. Transportation
H. Purchasing
I. Local Community Benefits
This is a brand new certification, so keep an eye on the site as more people become certifiied “green.”

Of course right here in our own backyard are the folks who were green before it was hip and trendy- The Midwest Renewable Energy Association. Get ready for the fair June 15 – 17, 2007.


One response to “Since Bill is Talking About the Weather…

  1. Has anyone seen my shoe? I thought I left it right over there, and now there is a right one, and no left.

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