A Major Step Forward

By Bill Coady :

I am not normally one to mange things for PR, but I have been operating under a self-imposed news embargo for a while now. I have been hinting a changes here at the Wausaublog and the time has come to announce the first of those. I am very please to welcome several new contributors to the Wausaublog. Two of the new contributors have just written comments that were complete posts in their own right. So without further ado, in no particular order, here are the newest Wausaubloggers.

Jims PictureJim Rosenberg. Jim was first elected to the Wausau city council in 1998 and is now the longest serving current councilperson. During the day he is the Community & Governmental Affairs Representative for Wisconsin Public Service Corporation in Wausau. A little while back, Jim made a comment on a piece that Dino Corvino wrote and I took that opportunity to ask Jim if he would consider expanding his presence on the blog. He graciously agreed to write pieces for the Wausaublog on a regular basis. The only thing I asked is that he not just send minutes of the city council meetings, and he assured me that this would be not a problem. Jim has already sent along his first piece, and I have been sitting on it a bit to heighten the suspense. It will appear tomorrow on the blog. It is a well reasoned and insightful piece on a controversial local issue. Perfect. I look forward to more of Jim’s contributions.

Leah’s PictureLeah Alters. Leah is the Executive Director of Wausau Area Events / Main Street Wausau. Leah is a Wausau native who went away to school and after getting a bit of experience came back to Wausau. She now finds herself in a great position to help the area move forward. Leah also was revealed as a reader of the blog when she commented on a post. She has also agreed to write regularly for the blog, and hopefully soon will send me her bio so I don’t have to keep making things up.

Phyllis Christensen. Phyllis works in the IT Department at the Marathon County Library. Or at least I think she does. Phyllis is a fairly long time reader of the blog, having commented on pieces that I wrote this summer on the various library programs. Somehow, though she and I have managed to keep from meeting although the library is a second home to me. She will not be speaking for the library, but I certainly hope she will speak of it. There is lots going on at my favorite institution, especially the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the library. I hope that she will also talk about the new WiFi system in the library and the totally cool Library Elf service which can keep us wired folks from ever being overdue again. I am lead to believe she might also mention dog training and canoeing. Sounds like a true Wausau person to me.

John H. FischerJohn Fischer (aka Dr. Rent). John is a former colleague of mine from the late lamented WNRB radio station where he did the Dr. Rent program. John is President and CEO of HelpRent, Co. and also works with Emmerich and Associates and has been there since 1993. To me, the Dr. Rent show on WNRB was one of the most amazing radio programs around. John took what can be a rather dry subject and made it quite fascinating. Even though I am neither a landlord nor tenant, I listened in often. Mostly to see if he might actually take a breath during the hour long program. Dr. Rent filled the hour each week with no guests and no musical segues, just John, his voluminous notes and encyclopedic knowledge. The interaction between landlords, their property and tenants affects everyone in the city, so I am very glad that he as agreed to join the Wausaublog.

Tom Fladland. Tom is another former colleague from WNRB and is the Operations Director of the Good News Project here in Wausau. The Good News Project an interfaith organization of volunteers who share their time and talents with the people of St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Union Island, Dominica and Grenada in the West Indies. In fact, Tom will be heading to Dominica this month and won’t be able to begin posting here until he returns in February. On WNRB, Tom did a program called the “Star Volunteer Hour” which I felt was a perfect program for community radio. Each week Tom would interview the director of a local not for profit effort to learn what they were doing and to recognize one or more outstanding volunteers from that organization. Tom’s show was a tremendous promotion for volunteerism and highlighted many otherwise unsung heroes that make this city great. I hope that he will continue that tradition in his writings for the Wausaublog.

I would be completely remiss if I did not again take a moment to recognize the contributors who have been with the Wausaublog since the beginning.

Christine Martens works at the Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention and Visitors Bureau and therefore gets to do professionally what I have been doing as a hobby here, tell people what a great place we have here. Christine has been a good friend over the past few years and has always been more than willing to tell me where to go.

Dino Corvino was station manager at WNRB before NTC capriciously shut it down in September. It was he who invented the concept of the Wausaublog and goaded me into actually setting it up. He not only has been a regular writer for the blog, but in one way or another has brought almost every other contributor, past and present to the blog. I think it is fair to say that without Dino, there would be no Wausaublog.

It is only through happenstance that these changes are taking place at the beginning of a new year, but I certainly look forward to what the rest of the year might bring. Thanks for reading, and keep tuning in to see what these great folks will be saying about our fair city.


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  1. Little blog, all grown up.

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