Make 2007 An Historic Year!

Eds Note: Boy, you mention someone’s name, and just like that — boom — they show up. Thanks Christine and Happy New Year to you!

While everyone is eyeing the future and all that 2007 holds in store, I have my eyes towards the past as usual. For me 2007 holds some great projects that will help preserve our wonderful history in Marathon County:

Marathon County Historical Museum (Yawkey House): Have you noticed the scaffolding? They have received some huge grants and donations that are helping bring the house back to its glory. I can not wait to see the 2nd floor back to the way the Yawkey’s would have had it. I understand the railroad in the basement is getting an overhaul as well. Now if they could just take the “addition” off of the Woodson House… Check out what’s up here.

click for larger imageWillow Springs Garden: They moved the Maine Town Hall and renovated it (if your looking for a wedding or meeting place- take a look here!) a few years back. Now they have moved the last round barn in the county to their property in order to preserve it. The Griffins have a mission of providing agricultural education for all. The grounds are located just off of Hwy K north of Wausau. In the fall they have a fabulous corn maze and at Christmas they have a great celebration– be on the look out for more!

The Rothschild Pavilion: After years of being neglected it looks like this beauty is finally receiving the attention and respect it deserves. It could be open for business again in 2007. I can’t wait to dance on that floor again! Did you know that it sits on railroad springs for a dancefloor that is just amazing. It is my hope that they host some concerts there: rock n’ roll revivals, polka dances and of course some Celtic tunes.

The Fromm Brothers Farm: This is already done, and has been featured on HGTV, but I just wanted to mention it here. They have cross country skiing tours! Check out their website. Not only did these guys bring ginseng and silver fox to the county, but helped to invent the distemper shot (Fromm-D) that is still used today for pets.

2007 may hold some great things for the future, but the history geek in me is very excited about what it may hold for the past.


2 responses to “Make 2007 An Historic Year!

  1. Wausau has a round barn and I have never seen it? No wonder Eeyore always feels unloved.

  2. You are seeing it here, Eeyore. 🙂 If I had know about it sooner you could have seen it in person too.

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