And Now, Here is Bill with the Weather…

I really hate to talk about the weather again so soon, but as they say everyone does that.  But maybe there is something we did about it.  As I heard on the radio today, “maybe, just maybe Al Gore was right about something.  Maybe so.

The Weather Service has released its year end summary, and here in Wausau we had the 9th warmest year on record.  Green Bay and Rhinelander also had Top Ten years for warmth.   I have asked the webmaster over at the Green Bay Weather Service office if they can provide us with the entire list of the warmest years, although you can pretty much guess they have all been since 1990.  And for this winter we don’t see much change in sight.

The long term outlook for the next three months shows a big chance of temperatures being above normal (ummm, duh) and unfortunately chances are that precipitation will be below normal.  I hate to say it Micheal, but maybe you better put away those skis and find another hobby.  I heard biking is great exercise.

One reason for this dismal (at least for those of us who like winter) forecast is that little guy, El Nino, out in the Pacific.  As you have no doubt heard (now that we are all meteorology experts thanks to the Weather Channel having 24 hours a day to fill with just the weather forecast, which used to just take 5 minutes on the local newscast) El Nino makes things warmer than normal up this way.   And considering that a non-El Nino year was the 9th warmest on record, maybe you shouldn’t bother sharpening those skates just yet.

We moved up here 8 years ago to get a little winter in our lives.   Maybe the Great White North is calling us.  But even there I heard the Arctic ice sheets are collapsing.   Well, I guess get out the sun tan oil and enjoy the early spring!


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