Happy New Year, Wausau!

In many ways, I am not much of a New Years kind of person.  Our idea of rocking New Years eve is to gather on the couch and watch movies until midnight and then collapse into bed and sleep late.  But aside from the celebration part, I have not been one do the resolution thing very much.  Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living and I think that is a daily activity, rather than an annual one.

But even an artificial boundary like New Years is a good place for a quick summing up and maybe even a peek forward.

The Wausaublog has been running for about eight months now.  The genesis came from a story that Pat Peckham was working on for the City Pages combined with a lot of goading.  I was reluctant to start this and on some days I am reluctant to continue, but continue I do.  Over the eight months the Wausaublog has gotten almost 18,000 hits, which is probably less than “Myspace” gets in 5 minutes, but I consider it pretty good.  There have been 237 stories posted here and kind folks have posted 401 comments on those stories.

I do wish the comment to story ratio was higher, maybe Wauvillian are shy.  But the number of posts works out to almost 30 a month (I guess we have been closer to daily posting than I thought!) and some 2200 hits a month or 500 or so a week.    Considering that we almost never have “tragic tales or bizarre stories” here on the Wausaublog, that is not bad.  I hope that number represents 500 readers and not just 10 people 50 times each week, though.

I had hoped that more people would jump in with their own stories to tell, but that has not happened, so far.  Maybe this year it will.  For most of the life of the blog, I have been somewhat housebound, but that situation has been changing and I hope that getting out more will result in a better Wausaublog.

2007 should be an interesting year here in Wausau.  The Dudley building will be completed and open up, we will see to what results.  There is much other construction going on around the area, including the freeway project and we will see what becomes of those as well.  Things continually change, hopefully in a positive direction.  And hopefully you will see more of those changes here on the blog.

Thanks for reading Wausau and Happy New Year!


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