Weird Weather

Click for Larger ImageWhile it is true that we managed to eke out a white Christmas thanks to one fairly lucky snowstorm, if you are a fan of winter you can’t be liking this one so far. And to my mind today was the worst. I hate 35 degrees and rain any day, but on New Year’s Eve? Yuck. And it wasn’t just a sprinkle either, it rained.

And the forecast for the coming week is worse (if you like winter that is). Temperatures in the 40s in January? At least the sun will be out for the next couple of days, so that is some consolation.

I did head up to Rib Mountain today and the hardy souls there were skiing. Skiing in the rain and fog. You have to be a real die hard to be out there in those conditions. And speaking of die hards, I also saw people out fishing on the ice on Lake Wausau. Even driving their cars out there! That seems completely nuts to me, but I am not the ice fishing type. We will see how much ice is left at the end of this week.

Click for Larger ImageI guess it is global warming (even the Bush Administration has thrown in the towel on this one) combined with El Nino. The joke up this way used to be something like, “Wausau has 2 seasons, winter and six months of bad skiing.” But when the skiing is bad at New Years, you have to wonder. But I do think this would be a bad time to invest in a snowmobile dealership.


2 responses to “Weird Weather

  1. We skied and snowboarded yesterday in the rain. It was a lot of fun and no lines for the lifts!

  2. Maybe I saw you out there. 🙂 It is true that there were not many people out there. I was not dressed for skiing (just had on a sweater with no hat or coat) while taking pictures and when the rain changed from a drizzle to a shower, I skedaddled.

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