Sledding Time!

Click for larger imageTook the kids out to Pleasant View Park (12th Street and almost Townline Road) and was delighted to see that it was overflowing with kids, even if they were on field trip from the Woodson YMCA. Everyone was having a really good time.

I have been told that this hill used to be the city’s ski hill, like Sylvan Hill is now with a tow rope and everything. There is no tow rope there now, but it is lighted for your night time sledding enjoyment. Sylvan Hill is now a tubing hill with tube rentals and a tow rope and everything. You can still sled on the American Legion Golf course side of things if you are a just find a hill and slide down it kind of person.

If you have a favorite sledding place, why not drop it in the comment box?

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3 responses to “Sledding Time!

  1. My favorite sledding place is either George Street hill in Rothschild, or Kennedy Park by the Everest Baseball diamonds.

    I broke my nose at George Street, and made out with a great girl named Tammy in Kennedy Park.

    Man I miss 8th Grade.

  2. The kids and I where at Pleasant View park on Wednesday. The hill was practically empty when we went. I think there only about a half dozen sledders, but conditions where great for some nice fast sledding.

    Growing up, we lived for about a year in a house on the top of Single Ave. I remember the ski hill and tow rope. They used to turn the tennis courts into a skating rink and the shelter building was open as a warming house. This was back in the late 70’s so I’m not sure when they took the tow rope out. The block house that held the tow rope motor still exists on the south end of the park.

    Its a great park and one of my personal favorites.

  3. Thanks for the memories, Mike. A great way to start off the new year.

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