A New Christmas Tradition

Unfortunately I thought of this about 10 years too late for my own use, but hopefully some of you might find it a good idea. Or maybe some of you already do this sort of thing, I hope so.

The kids were getting ready for Santa’s visit, finishing up their letters to him and discussing what kind of cookies to leave. I was looking around the house, despairing over the amount of stuff we already had, and not looking forward to adding more. And then it hit me. Why not leave toys for Santa?

It occured to me that a wonderful tradition would be for the kids to leave toys for Santa, not junky broken ones, but ones they have outgrown or inhabit the back of the closet. The idea would be that Santa takes such toys back to the North Pole, cleans them up and brings them back for other children to love and play with them. I would not say that Santa brings those toys to “poor children” because, of course, Santa brings toys to all children. Or at least I hope that he does.

I think that sending toys back to Santa gives a very nice message to kids about both sharing and recycling. I wish I could figure out some way to convince my kids that this is part of what Santa does. Maybe you can convince yours.

And speaking of Santa and the poor, I wanted to note the passing of James Brown. James Brown was one of the giants of the music industry, easily up there with Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan and the Beatles. And one of my very favorite songs of his was “Santa Claus, Go Straight to the Ghetto.” A heartfelt plea for social justice in a clever song with a danceable beat, James Brown in a nutshell. May he rest in peace.

p.s. I fell way behind in updating the CW360, but just posted a week’s worth of pictures there.  You could check them out.


4 responses to “A New Christmas Tradition

  1. I cant be top post huh?

  2. You were for a few minutes 😉

  3. Sorry man, I pushed you down even further 😦 But I have been way behind on my posting. 🙂

  4. Just killing me.

    In my house we do the get rid of stuff in January of each year. This year is going to be like 20 years of coats

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