White Christmas!

Perhaps we need to be somewhat careful of what we ask for! Just days after the weather forecast seemed to indicate that a white Christmas was pretty much out of the question, a humdinger of a storm dumps a foot of snow on us. And dump it really did. The stuff came down like concrete. The first flakes were as big as a dinner plate, and then wet heavy snow fell for the next 12 hours or so.Click for Larger Image

The snow caused the usual car accidents, but also somewhat unusual power outages. According to the Herald, some 10,000 homes lost power for some amount of time. Here on the east side, our power went out at about 10 pm and was not restored until 7 am. It seems that perhaps we were at the long end of the scale, but talking to people around noon today, I heard there were places that were still without electricity.

But even with that, all in all we really dodged a couple of bullets. Our first piece of luck, thought it did not feel lucky at the time, was that the first part of the storm came down as rain. According to the weather service, we got almost two inches of rain (!) before the change over to snow. Had that come down as snow we might have gotten anywhere between six inches and two feet of addtional snow. Shoveling this morning was hard enough thanks!

Our second piece of luck is that the storm system did not pull down arctic air behind it. The night our power was off, the low temperature was about 31 degrees, which meant the temperature in the house only dropped into the 50s and was in no danger of freezing. Near zero temperatures could have been truly dangerous for many people without power, rather than just an inconvenience.

Click for Larger ImageEven though the predicted high temperature tomorrow is around 40 degrees, I am going to guess that a complete melt off is not possible, especially when all the slush freezes solid tonight. So, it looks like we will meet the Weather Service definition of a white Christmas, with at least one inch of snow on the ground Monday morning at 6 am. All things considered, I can live with that.

I hope all of you survived the big storm and have a very happy holiday week coming up.


2 responses to “White Christmas!

  1. I love the snow photos!!!

  2. Thanks 🙂 I wish I could have captured those monter flakes that came down when the snow first started, but it was too dark already.

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