Calling All History Buffs!

Being an east-sider, I don’t really have a horse in the renaming of Stewart Avenue brouhaha that is currently roiling city politics. I would put a link here, but the Herald website doesn’t seem to be working right this morning. Perhaps there is a two hour delay in the site due to the weather conditions. 🙂

But I do need some help from my loyal (and even my not so loyal) readers. I seem to recall seeing some where at some time, a list of people for whom Wausau streets were named for. It may have been in one of the supplements that the Herald used to put out from time to time about Wausau or it could have been at the library or historical society. But I can’t seem to find anything like it online, and the library is not open yet. 🙂 So, if anyone has access to this resource, I would love to find it again.

I do know that we have named streets for a wide variety of historical figures. Many of our streets are named for people who were important in Wausau history, but we also have a smattering of U.S. presidents, Civil War generals and other national historical figures.

I seem to vaguely remember that there was at least one surprise on the list, maybe even that Franklin Street was not named for Benjamin of Philadelphia, but a more local Franklin. But don’t quote, me because I don’t remember! If anyone can find this list and pass it along to me, I would be most grateful!


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