Green Christmas

No, not the holiday classic by Stan Freberg (that would be “Green Chri$tma$” anyway) but rather a reference to what showed up in my mailbox yesterday. The Jungs seed catalog.

I think it is fair to say that Jungs is a Wisconsin institution, this years catalog celebrates their 100th year as a family owned business. Frankly not a lot of companies can say that, in or out of Wisconsin, so congratulations to Jungs and all their employees.

Having a seed catalog show up just before Christmas strikes me a clever piece of marketing. For, what, about a hundred years now, the arrival of the seed catalog in the dead of winter has brought joy and hope to many people, even those of us whose thumb is not green. The mere thought of a fresh, warm, home grown tomato at this time of year is enough to send me into a swoon.

If the weather stays unseasonably mild for the rest of the winter, as is predicted by the National Weather Service, we may be getting a jump on the gardening season next spring. So order your seeds early and often, as they might say in Chicago. Tomatoes in June might almost be compensation for a brown Christmas.

Well, almost.


3 responses to “Green Christmas

  1. That is such a great thought on a cold freeing rain night. The simple joy of the seed catalog and imagining the possibilities…

  2. The seed catalog just before Christmas is a good thing. They might do better to send them at Thanksgiving so people can get me gardening gift certificates.

    Feeding my seed magazine addiction at Thanksgiving dinner when I’m enjoying fruits of fall harvest strikes me as a good thing!

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