Brown Christmas

Although historically the odds of a white Christmas are very good here in Wausau, it looks as though this year will be off that mark.  According to the elves over at the National Weather Service, in the  past  72 years we have had  67 White Christmases.  The elves define a “White Christmas” as having one inch of snow depth at 6 am on December 25th.  Not the most romantic definition, but you have to start somewhere. 🙂

There is even a pretty good track record of having a real romantic “White Christmas” here.  In the last 101 years there has been 23 years where there has been measurable snowfall on Christmas day.  Considering how many days it actually snows during an average winter (that is to say, not constantly) to have an almost 25% “hit rate” for Christmas is pretty good, I think.

But not this year.  The forecast calls for above freezing temperatures on Sunday, with no real chances of precipitation over the weekend.  So, I guess it will be brown Christmas for us this year, for only the fifth time in my life time, so that is not too bad.

I guess since, judging from this map, most of the country has brown or even green Christmases, I guess Santa knows how to handle the warm conditions.  He must actually have wheels under those runners on his sleigh.

But I won’t complain too much about it, because I know my lot could be much worse.  I really feel sorry for the folks up on Granite Peak, aka Rib Mountain (which of course ain’t no mountain and definitely has no peak to speak of).  Spending all that money running those snow makers only to have 40 degrees and rain last week and more 40 degree temps here this week.  When the temps do finally fall below freezing they are going to have the worlds largest downhill speedskating rinks.  Unless we get a lot of snow, and soon!


5 responses to “Brown Christmas

  1. Many people, mostly college students that I know, make a little extra money at the ski hills and other snow related sites every year. Not so much this year, however that may change soon.

    I am not sure of the specifics of any studies or scientific research already completed, but it seems as though every season comes about a month later than we are used to. In the previous couple of years, all the usual time for a season to begin has started later than normal at least in my estimation. Look how long summer stayed around this year.

  2. I completley agree about the Granite Peak situation. And what about my little Snowflake who is getting xc skis and snowshoes this year from his grandparents? Ugh. We will get it eventually.

  3. You and Michael that bought his ski passes before Thanksgiving…you guys are the problem! 😉

  4. eeyore wishes everybody a blessed Christmas, rememder Christmas is not about snow, its a time of hopfullness.
    Now winter is about snow and I hope you all get buried in it.

  5. You got your wish! We got a foot of wet heavy snow.

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